Six Appeal is a world class vocal ensemble infused with impeccable comedic timing and the energy and vitality of a rock band. Swearing off instruments, the award-winning vocal band Six Appeal takes you on a journey that spans decades of music, performing classic oldies, current chart toppers, and catchy original tunes – all sung a cappella. Featuring vocal dexterity and adventurous song selection, this remarkably talented sextet of young singers navigates multiple genres of music with a wonderfully eclectic repertoire that is guaranteed to captivate and entertain audiences of all ages.

Despite their cheeky group name, the antics of these six young gentlemen provide a good-natured atmosphere for their electrifying performance. A Six Appeal show will split your sides, feed your musical sweet tooth, and leave you wondering how in the world they pulled it off just with voices. In the spring of 2012 Six Appeal achieved the title of National Champion at the National Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival in San Rafael, CA. In addition to their 1st place win, they also won the award for Best Original Song as well as the coveted Audience Favorite award.

With members formally instructed in singing, music education, composition, and over 70 combined years of musical training and experience, Six Appeal brings a diverse arsenal of style and entertainment to the stage. In addition to performance, Six Appeal has a passion for spreading their knowledge of a cappella music to every audience, and an essential aspect of their mission is to empower young singers in their educational outreach program. What makes these Six stand out from the crowd? Their Appeal.

The Six Appeal Educational Experience

There are many musical groups around the country that appear in schools. How many of them do any real teaching? Six Appeal pursues its passion for learning with the Six Appeal Educational Experience. With members carrying degrees in K-12 Vocal/Classroom Music and in Vocal Performance/Pedagogy, Six Appeal uses real educators to administer proven teaching strategies designed to educate the musician and ignite ambition. The Six Appeal Educational Experience doesn’t subject students to a boring lecture, it provides an opportunity for students to interact with a professional vocal band where they will have hands on experiences to develop skills such as critical listening, healthy vocal technique, intonation, and rhythm.

The instructors in Six Appeal guide students through history explaining the origin of a cappella, and the different paths it has taken throughout music’s history. Each era is supplemented with a live performed example of the style. Six Appeal teaches students homophony through Barbershop, polyphony with Palestrina, and explain how Vocal Jazz came about. Students will hone rhythm skills learning how to beatbox, and get a chance to sing real music with the group. An in-depth version of the Educational Experience is perfect for a multi-session residency, or it can be condensed to a half-hour overview. Built with the instructor in mind, the modular format of Six Appeal’s Educational Experience allows instructors to select different topical components that are presented to students. In a time where state budgets can’t always support arts programming, Six Appeal is proud to aid teachers in curriculum-based instruction and empower students. A residency or clinic with Six Appeal is more than just a promotional event for a professional performing group… It is an Educational Experience.

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Six Appeal began as a collegiate hobby. In 2006, the founding members decided to start singing together at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota. It was a diversion from studies, fun with friends, and yes, maybe a way to break the ice with girls. Starting with a strong choral background and classical roots, they expanded their repertoire to the music of today, breaking new grounds with original arrangements of hit songs spanning the decades.

Within three years, those former college freshmen were performing concerts around campus, winning a cappella competitions, and touring around the Midwest. By their senior year, they realized that when you have a good thing going with your best friends, you stick with it. In 2010, Six Appeal moved their home base to Minneapolis in order to turn hobby into passion. They began touring the country, delivering electrifying performances and teaching a new generation about a cappella with their curriculum-based Educational Experience.

The Six Appeal roster now includes musicians from all walks of life, yet the young men continue to make friends and find fans where ever they travel. Their latest success was found at the 2012 National Harmony Sweepstakes where they took home the awards for Audience Favorite, Best Original Song, and received the title of National Champions of a cappella music.


2012 National Harmony Sweepstakes Marin Veteran’s Auditorium, San Rafael, CA National Champion, Audience Favorite, Best Original Song

2012 Pacific NW Harmony Sweepstakes The Washington Center of the Performing Arts, Olympia, WA – Regional Champion, Audience Favorite, Best Original Song, Best Original Arrangement

2011 Chicago Regional Harmony Sweepstakes North Shore Center For The Performing Arts, Skokie, IL – Best Original Song

About the Competition:

“The Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival is the premiere American showcase for vocal harmony music. The annual national competition draws from hundreds of vocal groups from around the country with regional competitions in eight cities. The winning group from each festival is flown to perform in front of celebrity judges and a sold out house of enthusiastic fans at the National Finals.”

Winner of’s “Grammer Madness” National Online Competition

In March of 2012 Six Appeal competed to perform with Pop Star Andy Grammer, best known for his hit radio singles “Keep Your Head Up” and “Fine By Me.” The competition was set up in a March Madness style bracket with 64 a cappella groups from around the nation submitting videos to compete for a chance to perform with the nationally touring star. The competition was judged 1/3 by topblip, 1/3 by fan vote, and 1/3 by Andy Grammer himself. Six rounds, 6,113 fan votes, and over 75,000 video views later, Six Appeal emerged victorious as the winner of “Grammer Madness.”


“They were awesome! The guys were great to work with and super fun. The concert was high energy and the audience had a blast. I got so many great comments both as folks were leaving and have gotten more each day since! Thanks so much for helping us make this work!! I would highly recommend them!”

–Grinnell College Public Concert Series

“I have presented hundreds of a cappella groups over the years and Six Appeal has to be one of the most entertaining of them all. Sure-fire audience pleasers!”

–Executive Producer, National Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival, San Rafael, CA

“When six individuals can come together to captivate an audience spanning the generations, sing in such perfect harmony, perform with unwavering poise, embrace an ‘appealing’ variety, drive home the importance of rhythm to all music, and above all show that the music is in you, you have it all. The stage is yours gentlemen.”

–B. Tidwell, Organist and Organ Builder, Plymouth Congregational Church, Wichita, KS

“You walked away with the show! Great Performance!”

–NW Regional Harmony Sweepstakes Director, Masterworks Choral Ensemble, Olympia, WA

“They were fantastic! Six Appeal did a great job—the crowd loved them. We’re definitely keeping them on file for the future.”

–Entertainment Coordinator, Grand Casino Mille Lacs, Onamia, MN

“Six Appeal could be described as half a cappella and half comedy group! While watching the performance, the audience seems fascinated by the talent that was showcased on stage and often doubled over laughing at some of the jokes.”

–The New Hampshire, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH

“I was blown away by Six Appeal! They were fantastic to work with and there wasn’t one moment I regretted booking them.”

–Concerts Coordinator, South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD

“Thanks for a great show! Perfect for our event. Hope to bring you back again.”

–Director of Public Information, Fond Du Lac Tribal & Community College, Cloquet, MN

“Since your appearance, the halls have been buzzing with excitement. I have been asked every day when I’m going to invite you all back. Teachers have stopped me in the hall to congratulate me on such a successful day, and students I’ve never seen before have been thanking me for bringing you to Eisenhower. Your visit has been the single most important thing I have done for my program thus far. My Glee club’s men’s section doubled in size after your concert. Thank you for everything!”

–Eisenhower High School Choral Director

“Thank you so much for a wonderful experience! What a lasting treasure! I sure can’t think of anything in your presentation that didn’t work. It was FANTASTIC! Already, I have been incorporating vocal percussion into lesson plans for early grades to practice rhythmic pulse and subdivision, and they have been responding very well!”

–West Yellowstone Public Schools Music Instructor

“The most engaging and educational clinic I’ve ever seen!”

–Choral Director, Beulah Secondary School, Beulah, ND


The following is a sample introduction you might use when introducing Six Appeal to your audience:

“Six Appeal has been a growing force in the Midwest music scene since 2006. This contemporary group takes the original ‘a cappella’ idea and expands it to a full-blown vocal band concert experience. Six Appeal charms and entertains crowds armed with a dynamic collection of powerful vocalists with the passion to amaze. Six Appeal is able to excite audiences of all ages and musical tastes with their mix of Classic oldies, current hits and their captivating original songs. Please welcome Six Appeal!”


As part of the purchase price of the feature performance, Six Appeal will provide a state-of-the-art sound system. This system is capable of amply filling a venue of approximately 800 seats at full concert volume. Six Appeal prides itself on the quality and ease of the operation of its sound system so that the highest quality show can be provided. Aside from that, the band has very few necessities that must be met to ensure the best possible show for its clients. Specific details about these technical needs can be discussed when contracting artist.