Tommy Dare is a master hypnotist. Whether he’s performing for a corporate or high school audience, stage hypnotist Tommy Dare’s fast-paced show will astound you. His mesmerizing personality and quick wit will diffuse inhibitions and set the stage for a night of hilarity and fun. Participants taken from the audience will participate in a totally tasteful, yet unbelievable demonstration of the amazing powers of the mind. Whether you participate or watch, you will leave the show feeling relaxed and uplifted.

The Tommy Dare Show can be tailored to meet the needs of your group and transcends any age barrier. The content is tasteful and entertaining, and whether you take part in it or just watch, you will be amazed at the power of hypnosis.

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Tommy Dare was born to parents who were both Lutheran ministers. He spent much of his childhood on stage, performing gospel music with his parents and five siblings. While working on his degree in business, he was a member of a rock and blues band in the 80s.

After years of working in business management where life could get very stressful, he attended a stage hypnosis performance by his sister, the famous Sami Dare, and the rest is history. Tommy began to study hypnosis and its effects on the human psyche — not to mention it was a great was to reduce stress. He enjoyed stage hypnosis and developed a show that he has been performing for the past 10 years.


“Thank you for the fantastic show. We have received wonderful feedback. The show went over very well.“

–City of Mankato Holiday Party

“Thank you for the great show. Very tasteful and entertaining.”

–Northern Rehabilitative Services

“Just want to thank you for an awesome show. Students and parents are still talking about it. You and your sister are tops in this business.”

–New Prague Senior Sendoff

“Thank you again for performing at Unity High’s graduation party. Following conversation by students and parents has indicated that your performance was magnificent. We would like to book you again for next year.”

–Unity High School, Balsam Lake, WI


The following is a sample introduction you might use when introducing Tommy Dare to your audience:

“Tonight we present stage hypnotist, Tommy Dare. Tommy has been performing his show in the Midwest for years and makes his home in the Twin Cities area. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Please welcome, Tommy Dare.”


In order to give you the best performance possible, Tommy Dare provides the following information as a technical rider to his contract:

Artist requests:

  • STAGE: Performer should be clearly visible to audience. If possible, try to avoid having audience and show on the same level. The stage should be at least 20 feet wide by 16 feet deep with stairs in front or on the side. Artist is flexible and will work with client. If possible, try to avoid having an open area between the audience and stage.
  • SOUND (MOST IMPORTANT): Volume level maximum. Cordless microphone. Performer must be heard over a loud audience. In most cases, artist can provide cordless mic and sound system sufficient to cover most venues.
  • LIGHT: As much light as possible on entire performance area. Please avoid using a spotlight on the artist. Audience may be dimmed if possible.
  • PROPS: Approximately 10 to 20 chairs with backs in one row facing audience. One small table behind the chairs for artist to use.
  • VIDEOTAPING: Home use only. Artist reserves the right to any and all footage upon request. Artist assumes no responsibility for misuse of hypnosis videotapes.
  • ACCOMODATIONS: If a room is needed, please reserve one non-smoking room in the name of Tommy Dare.
  • Please provide a contact number where someone can be reached on the day of the event if needed.