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Britton Pankratz

Yo-Yo Artist

Have you ever seen someone with an amazing talent doing something you’ve never seen before? That is what this show is about. Britton Pankratz is a remarkable and award-winning yo-yo artist and showman. Britton has put together a yo-yo show in which he demonstrates many different tricks using a variety of yo-yos and music to create a show that you can’t take your eyes off. Britton sincerely loves sharing this “old-fashioned” hobby to all age groups and crowds, and he hopes you enjoy his “modern twist” to a classical toy.

Britton Pankratz was born a “tinkerer.” Anything within his reach, he felt the urge to take it apart and figure out what made it tick. For Britton, curiosity was the key to learning new things, and this was further fueled by where he spent the first 18 years of his life. He grew up on a grain farm in southwest Minnesota, where he helped around the farm and especially with harvesting the corn and soybean crops in the fall. In high school, he was a member of Student Council, FFA, 4H, band, track and field, basketball, Knowledge Bowl, and National Honor Society. Currently, he is a freshman attending the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, and is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Ag and Food Business Management with minors in Agronomy and Entrepreneurship Management. Britton truly became tangled in the sport of modern “yo-yoing” at the age of 13 when his mother was cleaning out the basement and presented him a VHS tape of Tommy Smothers, also known as the “YoYo Man.” After watching the video, Britton immediately became bound and determined to one day be as good as the Yo-Yo Man, Tommy Smothers. His first yo-yo was a Duncan Speed Beetle, and with this yo-yo and dozens more to come, he practiced as much as 8 hours a day, inventing his own tricks and taking concepts from other yo-yoers and forming them into his own arsenal of yo-yo “stunts.” His best friends even started to yo-yo, which motivated him even further despite teasing and criticism from peers. Britton’s parents have instilled in him the will to never give up on his passion and have always encouraged him and have been at his side or in the crowd giving all of their support. He has performed in dozens of county fair talent shows (winning a majority of them) as well as winning the Minnesota State FFA Talent Contest in 2012. He even performed at the Grandstand at the Minnesota State Fair for a crowd of 20,000+ onlookers in 2012 and 2013, placing 3rd in his second year competing. He competed in the National FFA Talent contest from October 26 through November 2nd, 2013 in Louisville, KY and was awarded the prize of second in the nation. Britton sincerely loves sharing this “old-fashioned” hobby to all age groups and crowds, and he hopes you enjoy his “modern twist” to a classical toy.

“Oh my gosh, did we have fun last night!!!! The library was packed with over 180 children and adults. Britton did a fantastic job and I would highly recommend him to any of your clients. We (the library staff) were impressed with his professionalism, his program, and his patience with the children and all the questions.” –Lake City Public Library “I was very impressed with your performance and with you as a professional…I think that your talent, abilities, and willingness to share about both make you an excellent performer, Britton. Hope to see you back at the library again!” –Anoka County Library System

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