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Caitlin Marion

Aerialist & Contortionist

Caitlin Marion is an aerialist, contortionist, and dancer who brings unique and awe-inspiring cirque-style entertainment to any event! Caitlin delivers exceptional performances on a variety of aerial and ground based apparatus making her a perfect fit for any venue. You will be amazed at the strength, grace and extreme flexibility she brings to the stage! Performances include: Aerial Fabric, Aerial Hoop, Vertical (Free Standing) Hoop, Contortion, and more!

Caitlin Marion began training in dance at age 3 and began her circus studies at age 11 with a focus on aerial arts. At age 24, she has already been performing as an aerialist, contortionist and dancer for 12 years. Caitlin posses a truly unique ability to pull her audience in and captivate them with her performances in which her clean lines, long limbs, and flexibility make her an absolute standout performer. Caitlin is a joy to work with, incredibly professional and highly experienced. In addition to performing across the US, Caitlin has had the privilege of sharing her passion for circus arts through teaching with institutions such as: Xelias Aerial Arts, Circus Smirkus, Circus Juventas, The American Youth Circus Organization (AYCO) and the University of Minnesota/Guthrie Theater BFA Actor Training Program under Sean Emery and Meg Elias. Recent Performances ENSIA Live (University of Minnesota environmental speaker series) University of Minnesota Opera, Le Rossignol (The Nightengale) North Saint Paul High School, Metro Magazine’s Fashion Fight Night

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