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"Cultural Sensitivity for the Accidentally Insensitive"

Shannan Paul

Miss Shannan’s discussion on “Cultural Sensitivity for the Accidentally Insensitive” uses personal anecdotes and real world situations to teach the audience how to not “be that person” who walks blindly into an awkward situation. Miss Shannan can keeping you smiling and keep people of other cultures smiling along with you.
Topics included in her talk include:

  • History: Why you should grab a book and learn some.
  • Stereotypes: How do you identify and ignore them?
  • Conflicts: Can’t we all just get along?
  • Stumbles and Pitfalls: How to keep your foot out of your mouth when meeting new people.

She started her professional career working for Fortune 100 companies including Wells Fargo Bank and Bank of America. Since her cubicle days, Miss Shannan has moved on to become a radio show host, actress, certified fitness instructor and a proud former player of the Women’s Professional Football League.

Her diverse professional background has given her an incredibly broad communication set and allowed her to work with people and groups covering a spectrum of ethnicities, age ranges and education levels. In addition, she is a touring stand-up comedian who has performed for a wide range of audiences. She has hosted numerous corporate and charity events. Miss Shannan is a regular guest on local TV talk shows throughout the Twin Cities, speaking on pop culture and diversity.

In 2015, Shannan Paul was selected as a "Top Speaker Pick"  by Campus Activities Magazine

"Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable.  I enjoyed the group participation."
"Shannan is a great speaker and uses stories to make the topic more relatable."
"Shannan did an awesome job with a difficult/sensitive topic that is very prevalent in the work environment.  Her topic should be at every conference."
    - Attendee Feedback, MN Society of Certified Public Accountants (2018 annual conference)

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