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Flamenco: A Touch of Spain

Authentic Spanish Flamenco Music and Dance

“Flamenco – A Touch of Spain” is an exciting new music and dance ensemble dedicated to presenting the art of flamenco in its most authentic form and “Nuevo Flamenco” which incorporates flute, bass, percussion and guitar. Flamenco – A Touch of Spain performs a style of flamenco music easily accessible to American audiences…the rhythms encourage the audience to dance and be a part of the show! This group is an upbeat and lively form of cultural entertainment perfect for corporate events and private parties as well as college, university, and community concerts.

This dynamic group features flamenco guitar virtuoso Michael Hauser, often considered to be responsible for bringing the art of flamenco to the Midwest. Also featured are guitarist Dan Elsen, flutist and veteran jazz artist Chuck Armstrong, and bass player Tom Dades. Flamenco dancers Colette Illarde, Sachiko or Catalina complement the music with fiery and beautiful movement, lightening-fast footwork, and colorful turns.

Pricing for each act varies depending on a number of factors including: location of the event; popularity of the date; routing for each act; type of event; single or multiple day performances; length of show, etc. To get a specific and accurate quote for your event please contact our office by clicking here or calling (888) 654-6901. We respond very quickly to answer all our clients’ questions.