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Glen Everhart

Comedy Never Sounded So Good!

Glen Everhart is known nationwide for his tremendous voice, hilarious original songs and parodies, and his uncanny ability to bring even the most reserved audiences right into his interactive musical comedy show. You want original? Glen writes a custom song to open every corporate event! He performs his stand-up style comedy that uses phrases from popular songs as punch lines. He hits hollow plastic golf balls from stage into glasses held by members of the audience. He gets the entire audience (even the men!) to sing along to the first rap song ever written (I’ll give you a hint…it was a top 10 hit in 1960!) Throw in crazy impersonations of iconic recording artists, very funny song parodies and original songs, and you’ve got an unforgettable show as the centerpiece for your evening.

After growing up in St. Paul, Minnesota, Glen graduated from St. Cloud State University, receiving his B.A. Degree in Music Education. He taught public school full and part-time for seven years, has been a full-time professional entertainer since 1987, and has performed in twenty-five states and two countries. Glen has also produced three CDs and won The Great American Song Contest with the song “Young People of the World,” and has won the award of Entertainer of the Year from G. L. Berg staff. Available CDs: Going Up North – over 20,000 copies sold As Is Hooks

“…He was funny, talented and thoroughly entertaining. There were so many of our attendees wanting to visit with him after his performance, it was like he had groupies. We will definitely use your company again and recommend you to others.”
–National League of Postmasters

“Our two Christmas parties went great – we were so pleased with Glen. He was professional and great to work with and very funny too. I’ve heard only positive comments about the performance and we had one client say he was ‘our best program ever’. He is very talented and it’s obvious he loves what he’s doing. Thank you for recommending him – he exceeded our expectations.”

“You were the perfect fit for the last night of our convention! Everybody had an AWESOME time. We definitely needed to let loose and we did! A BIG THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DID!”
–3M Pharmaceuticals

“Just wanted to say Thank You again for the wonderful entertainment you provided for us Saturday night. Everyone is raving about you today stating how funny and talented you are. Many compliments stating the best party we’ve had so far! Thanks Again!!”
–Mastercraft Industries

The following is a sample introduction you might use when introducing Glen Everhart to your audience:

“Glen Everhart has been a full time entertainer since 1987. His hilarious songs and marvelous musicianship are sure to make you laugh, warm your heart, and make you feel like part of the show. So get ready to listen, laugh, sing, shout, and duck flying projectiles…let’s give a warm welcome to Glen Everhart!”

In order to give you the best performance possible, Glen provides the following information as a technical rider to his contract:

Artist requests:

  • Stage Requirements – A raised 12’ x 12’ stage is the perfect size for the show
  • Electrical Outlets – I can run all my P.A. and lights on 110 volt outlets
  • Dressing Area – I need a secure, private area to change into my stage wardrobe and store my street clothes during my performance Performance
  • Suggestions – There are a few things you can do to ensure that my performance is enjoyed by all:
  • If possible, ask the wait staff to clear the table dishes after the performance is finished If is an after-dinner show, it seems to work best to keep things moving along and have everything all set prior to dinner so I can be quickly introduced and can jump into my show without any long delays
  •  If the show is in a long, rectangular room, try to position the stage so people have the best viewing angle. Usually putting the stage on a side wall instead of at a far end works best.

Pricing for each act varies depending on a number of factors including: location of the event; popularity of the date; routing for each act; type of event; single or multiple day performances; length of show, etc. To get a specific and accurate quote for your event please contact our office by clicking here or calling (888) 654-6901. We respond very quickly to answer all our clients’ questions.