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Hot Shot Basketball

Interactive Strolling Activity

Hot Shot Basketball is an incredible add-on activity for all types of events.   This activity includes a backpack-style basketball hoop unit that is either attached to one of our highly engaging staff members;  or, you can rent the equipment and provide your own staff!

Engage your event attendees with a quick game of hoops - use it as a way to promote your event... promote a sponsor... and to offer giveaways, flyer information, or other handouts to guests!

This activity is limitless to its function - use your imagination!   Here are some settings where this activity has proven to be successful:

  • Tradeshow booth
  • Casino gaming floors
  • Sporting Events
  • Parades
  • Strolling Act at Fairs or Festivals
  • Church events
  • Schools

What is included?

  • All equipment, including the basketball ball hoop, balls, tools for assembly, and "Hot Shot" stickers to distribute if you do not have other arrangements for giveaways

  • Custom vinyl-wrapped backboard (to feature your sponsor) is available for additional $150
  • We can provide a highly engaging person to stroll with the equipment (you would still be responsible for providing an assistant to walk with the attraction, assisting with giveaways, etc) or you can do it on your own!

Assembly Instructions:

It is recommended that this activity have a minimum of two (2) individuals involved in the attraction.    One person wearing the equipment and an assistant to help with handouts, giveaways, handling of basketballs, etc.

Hot Shot Basketball Equipment Only:

  • $300 per day plus shipping and any repairs due to damage

Hot Shot Basketball with Staff Included:

  • $800 for 1 Day;    $750 per day for 2 Days;   $700 per day for 3 Days;   $650 per day for 4 or more Days.   Plus possible lodging and travel costs.  Staff will stroll for up to three (3) hours per day.