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Flair Bartenders

Liquidmotion not only sets the bar, but raises it with our Champion Flair Bartenders who flip, mix, and entertain your guests at corporate events, weddings, dances, and parties. Our bartenders are a great feature or accessory to any event and can “steal the show” or fade into the background. Liquidmotion can work with existing caterers, or function independently to provide premium beverage service coupled with exciting showmanship. Liquidmotion is great for non-alcoholic functions too, as we specialize in making “mocktails” with premium ingredients that work great for college events, after-proms, or any event that wants the fun and not the alcohol.

Liquidmotion entertains in a combination of ways. Through “working flair,” the bartenders perform tricks while they bartend and make drinks. Expertise and experience allow our bartenders to give excellent and efficient service while incorporating a wide variety of eye-catching and show-stopping drink making techniques that are sure to enhance your event. With “exhibition flair” our bartenders take center stage.

By using complex tricks and choreographed routines, a flair bartender can captivate any size crowd. Our three to six minute routines can be used alone, purely to entertain the audience, or incorporated at timed intervals in addition to the functional bartending of your event. Imagine the scene when the bartender breaks into a bottle flipping frenzy to make the drink for your guest of honor!

Brian Zachau and Paul Trczianko are bartenders, consultants, and corporate trainers who have also been recognized for their competitive successes and achievements as bartenders. In 2006, Brian and Paul co-founded the beverage consulting company Liquidmotion, a now sought after bartender staffing, training, and performing expertise company. The Liquidmotion team, which currently employs a staff of six talented flairtenders, has performed for a wide range of clients including: Hollywood premiere parties, billionaire’s birthday bashes, corporate events, and even barnyard weddings. Their corporate clients have included: General Mills, Moen, Young Living, US Foodservice, Derse, Mohegan Sun, Activision, and Diesel USA. Brian Zachau is the only American to win the internationally respected TGI Friday’s World Bartender Championship in the past 15 years. On his path to the title, he “raised the bar” by setting company records for most World Bartender Finals appearances (7 consecutive), most US Championship titles (6 consecutive), and first place finishes in the speed and accuracy round, twice. Brian has been featured in the media for his flair and bartending expertise and is a regular contributor to drink demonstrating segments on both a local and national platform. He has been seen nationally on SPIKE TV, Food Network, Bloomberg, TMZ, The Daily Buzz, and the Mancow show. Locally he has been seen on Twin Cities Live, Franchise Times, MetroMix, TV Twelve, Twin Cities Live, Dallas Morning News, and many other shows.

“Coleman Mason Events has hired LiquidMotion for many events. Their unique brand of performance bartending is always a huge hit with attendees. We think of it as making the bar part of the entertainment for the night. We can’t recommend them highly enough!”
–Coleman Mason Events

“LiquidMotion was easily one of the best and most professional bar/entertainment services I have ever worked with. My company hosts several large events all over the world each year and I can honestly say that LiquidMotion has provided us with the best experience so far…my clients were giving me compliments about them for weeks after the event that LiquidMotion worked for us. I will definitely hire them again!”
–Joey Gabra

“Our students LOVE when LiquidMotion Flair Bartenders come to campus! Students will wait in long lines to get a custom made mocktail – they always draw a huge crowd! They provide a safe, fun, and engaging show that everyone enjoys. We would recommend them to anyone! Thanks!”
–Coordinator for Alcohol Prevention and Community Programming, Student Life & Development, St. Cloud State University

“LiquidMotion is absolutely fabulous! I would recommend them for any event where you want great collaboration, creative solutions, committed workmanship and professionalism.”
–Producer/Event Planner, Derse

The following is a sample introduction you might use when introducing Liquidmotion to your audience:

“Behind our bars this [evening] but no doubt, taking center stage, Liquidmotion – the area’s first and most prominent flair bartending staff – is here for your service and entertainment. Their knowledge of [drinks] and the speed with which they will expertly mix your [cocktail], is subsequent only to the talent that they will display as they astonish you with their agility and gracefulness in flair-tending. Trust me, by the end of this evening, the word “flair” will have an entirely new meaning in your vocabulary. Enjoy the drinks, and the show!”

In order to give you the best performance possible, Liquidmotion provides the following rider as an attached agreement to the contract:

  • Artist will provide all ice scoops, tins, pour spouts, wine openers and normal bartending equipment.
  • Purchaser will provide advance detail of requirements of any other specific needs not addressed and must be agreed upon by both parties.
  • Purchaser to provide all liquor, beer, wine, sodas, water, juices, mixes, ice, glassware, garnishes, garbage receptacles, napkins, straws, decorations, and equipment to hold or dispense beer depending on bottled or keg.
  • Bartenders will wear attire agreed upon between Purchaser and Artist. (All-black is standard attire.)
  • Artist carries liquor, general, and excess liability insurance; further details can be discussed when contracting artist.
  • Artist will develop specialty drinks; help with the ordering of supplies, or other planning at a rate of $30.00 per hour. This service must be requested by the Purchaser.

Pricing for each act varies depending on a number of factors including: location of the event; popularity of the date; routing for each act; type of event; single or multiple day performances; length of show, etc. To get a specific and accurate quote for your event please contact our office by clicking here or calling (888) 654-6901. We respond very quickly to answer all our clients’ questions.