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Motorized Racing

Race to the checkered flag as you speed through the race course driving a giant can sprinter - a NASCAN - at a heart pounding 8mph!   

Drivers can race individual or for more fun, excitement, and strategy, form teams to create pit stops with driver changes.   Sprinters are battery powered/electronically motorized.

These interactive go-carts are incredibly popular for college and high school events, in particular.    A versatile activity that can be used in virtually any space - a cafeteria, commons area, large hallway, or gymnasium! 

This activity is versatile to fit into a variety of spaces.   NASCAN Racing does require a smooth, flat surface to operate successfully.  

Package includes a dedicated staff member to supervise and facilitate the activity, including its own portable speaker system.   Package also includes orange traffic cones and racing flags, to create a custom race track experience.

It is recommended to allow a minimum of 35 ft. x 15 ft. of floor space.

This activity is able to be packaged with other select activities at a discounted rate. Pricing varies due to several factors, including: location of event, hours of operation, number of units included, etc.