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Pat Balder: Rock Capsule

A tribute to the legendary guitarists and tenor voices of the rock era.

All aboard the Rock Capsule, with your talented captain, Pat Balder.  Take an amazing historical journey through the days when radio rock was king.

Having headlined for 25 years on main stages across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, Pat Balder knows how to bring your crowd together.  With an encyclopedic knowledge of rock songs and history, Pat Balder dazzles audiences with his electrifying guitar and virtuosic, 4-octave vocal range.  Add improvisational, quick-witted audience interaction, celebrity voice impressions, and smart comedy to the mix, and you are left with a night of unique, fun, rocking entertainment unlike any other.

The entertainment market is filled with clever guys who strum a few chords and tell a joke, but Pat Balder is not one of them.  Instead, he is a studied and polished musical performer who also delivers laugh-out-loud comedy – and brings audiences together with inspiring, high-energy entertainment.

Get ready to sing, clap, laugh, and dance, because once your audience jumps onto the Rock Capsule, they’ll wish the ride would never end.

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