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"The Seasons of Life"

Richard Coffey

Richard speaks to your audience about not only stepping outside their box, but living outside their box. With Richard’s background and experiences in the military, athletics and corporate America, he takes your audience on an empowering and entertaining journey of self-discovery that is quite often described as life changing! He will enlighten your audience on how to challenge themselves and strive to reach their full potential. Richard believes, “You can’t win at the game of life if you are not willing to get off the bench.” He creates a game plan to assist them with the next chapters of their lives.  Richard believes that being “average is your enemy” and his ultimate goal is to assist others as they discover and utilize their talents to meet challenges and solve problems.

The Seasons of Life
Change, Attitude, Perseverance – Your Personal and Professional Development is Key 

Our lives consist of ever changing seasons. One season, never lasting forever.
Your audience will learn:

  • Having the right Attitude is key for your continued success.
  • How to effectively create new Standards and Rituals to help you move to the next level.
  • How to improve your Professional and Personal Brand and understanding that it’s always on display.
  • The importance of consistently increasing your Skills and Knowledge.
  • How to tap into your Personal Power.
  • How to push past your Fears and move through your Failures.
  • Understanding that your Personal Development is key to both you and your company’s success.

Richard Coffey is a native of North Carolina. He is a businessman and former professional athlete. Richard served three years in the United States Army as an Airborne Paratrooper—a member of the first to fight last to fall 82nd Airborne. Richard is a former University of Minnesota Gopher Basketball player and ex NBA Minnesota Timberwolves. After his stint in the NBA, he continued his basketball career by playing and coaching abroad in Europe and Asia. For the last decade Richard has started multiple businesses, worked in corporate America and has given presentations throughout the United States.

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