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Coyote Wild

Country Music has had a massive influence in the history of rock music, and rock music has changed the direction of country. You can enjoy both with Coyote Wild, a fearless team of musicians and singers who perform country and rock the way they were meant to be played! Whether you are a devotee of classic rock or a true country fan at heart, Coyote Wild brings you the best of both worlds whether they are playing with their 7-piece core band, or the upgraded 10-piece band complete with two fiddles, four singers, and keyboards.

Coyote Wild performs an eclectic mix of both classic and current rock and country. With their blend of talent and creativity, this band has a professional sound without losing the energy that audiences would expect from a performing rock band. Built around strong vocals and great harmonies, their set list is a diverse mix of classic rock and contemporary country, meaning there's something for everyone. The show is high-energy, fast-paced, but most of all, FUN and is sure to inspire dancing, singing along, and simply having a good time. For your favorite country hits you hear on the radio today and the powerful hits from the 80's, this is the "Go-To" country rock band in the Midwest!

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