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Dr. Jermaine Davis

Standing Out Without Selling Out

Dr. Jermaine Davis
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Growing up surrounded by violence and fear on the west side of Chicago, Dr. Jermaine changed the direction of his life by studying success, achievement, and leadership. Now he helps individuals, teams, and organizations thrive and succeed by teaching the principles and practices of Positive Interpersonal Interactions.™


Leading with Greatness: Moving from Chaos and Conflict to Communication and Cooperation

Research shows – people do not leave teams and organizations they leave bad and incompetent managers and leaders. Are your managers and leaders helping or hindering or contributing or contaminating? Those who Lead with Greatness help their organization achieve its mission, vision, and strategic goals. Leaders are responsible for setting a positive work tone and creating a healthy organization so employees can unleash and release their unique talents and strengths to surpass customer expectations, increase team success, and drive organizational results. This presentation is solely based on Dr. Jermaine’s best-selling book, Leading with Greatness: Moving from Chaos and Conflict to Communication and Cooperation. This engaging and interactive presentation will provide leaders with practical tips on how-to increase employee engagement and boost team morale and motivation.

Sink or Swim: Your First 30-Days as a Leader

Are you relatively new to your position, team, or organization? Did you know your first 30-days can either make you or break you as a leader? Will you sink or swim as a leader? In other words, will you win or lose with your employees and colleagues? What distinguishes high-performance leaders from low-performance leaders? It is their ability to motivate, inspire, and influence others to achieve the team’s goals. Leaders that produce remarkable results do so by establishing credibility, building trust, and creating positive work environments where ALL employees can do their best work. This engaging presentation will provide participants with practical tips on how-to remove the barriers and obstacles that typically lead to employee disengagement, dissatisfaction, and de-motivation. Dr. Jermaine will share principles and best practices from his best-selling books, Leading with Greatness and Get Up Off Your Butt & Do It NOW!

Leading the Way of Change: Thriving in Times of Uncertainty

Will your organization thrive in times of uncertainty? Do your employees embrace or resist change? Will the products and services you offer to your customers lose their competitive advantage in the marketplace because your colleagues and employees refused to embrace change? There are many factors that accelerate the rate and speed of change. The BIG question is - are your employees and leaders prepared to Lead the Way of Change? This presentation will provide leaders and front-line employees with practical tips on how-to thrive and succeed during organizational change and transition. Effective change-based leaders inspire collaboration and motivation around the organization’s mission, vision, values, and strategic goals during times of uncertainty and unpredictability. Leading the Way of Change will teach your employees how-to maintain positivity, optimism, and creativity in the midst of constant change and chaos.

You Don’t Have to Sell Out to Stand Out:

Positioning Women to Thrive and Succeed in Life, School & Work

What does it really take for women to thrive and succeed in today’s organizations? Does sexism still exist? Can women get to the top of their professions on talent alone? Do women have to act like men to be successful? Can a woman reallybe successful in her career and raise a family at the same time? Are women and men programmed differently for success? How can women and men partner to create a more inclusive and positive work climate? These questions inspired and motivated Dr. Jermaine to interview career women who worked in predominantly male-oriented industries, teams, and organizations. Based on his upcoming book, You Don’t Have to Sell Out to Stand Out! Dr. Jermaine will share the practical tips and powerful insights he gained from interviewing 127 professional women of all ages and positions across diverse industries and organizations. If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, then this presentation is definitely for YOU.

Leading with an Inclusive Lens: Achieving Organizational Synergy with Diversity & Inclusion

All organizations and teams have a diversity climate. Is your organization’s climate friendly or unfriendly, inclusive or exclusive, welcoming or unwelcoming? A friendly, inclusive, and welcoming work climate produces an environment where EVERYONE thrives and succeeds. As organizations and teams become increasingly multicultural, multiethnic, multilingual, and multifaceted – it is imperative that organizational leaders, managers, and employees learn how-to communicate and work effectively across ALL dimensions of diversity. Great leaders and employees contribute to a healthy and positive climate where EVERYONE is respected, regarded, and included. This thought-provoking presentation will provide participants with practical tips on how-to lead and work effectively in the areas of workplace diversity and inclusion. This engaging presentation will equip participants with practical tools on how-to cultivate an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued, welcomed, and safe. Dr. Jermaine will share principles and best practices from his best-selling books, Be Diversity Competent and Leading with Greatness!

>> Career Highlights

As an award-winning communications professor and leadership expert, Dr. Jermaine helps teams, associations and organizations thrive and succeed through his highly requested and interactive presentations. Dr. Jermaine helps leaders and frontline employees increase their morale, motivation and momentum by teaching them how-to build a healthy work climate and culture through proactive communication, cooperation and collaboration. Prestigious organizations like 3M, American Express, Best Buy, Boston Scientific, Caterpillar, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Medtronic, Prudential, Wells Fargo, and West Point Military Academy regularly seek out Dr. Jermaine’s expertise in the areas of leadership, employee engagement, motivation, teamwork, and overcoming workplace burnout.

>> Testimonials

“Jermaine’s passion motivates and engages people but more importantly he inspires action. He is enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I was delighted
with his unique twist on leadership, motivation and communication. Jermaine adapts to his environment and will win over any group. I promise
you will see results.”
~ Controller/Director of Human Resources, Crowne Plaza Hotel & Resorts

“Jermaine is a dynamic and entertaining speaker. He engages his audience with high energy and humor. As a nurse manager I was able to take back practical tips to share with my nursing team. Jermaine’s speeches and books have positively influenced my personal and professional life.”
~ Assistant Director of Nursing, Walker Methodist Health Center

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