Jerry Frasier

Comic Magician

Jerry Frasier

Plug-in to the POWER OF PROFESSIONAL and put COMIC MAGIC ENERGY to work for you!

Watch Jerry in video action and imagine the spark he will add to your event! A jolt of Jerry is packed with personality, amped-up and fully charged. His bold, interactive style truly empowers people to let go and laugh.

With over three decades of entertainment expertise, performing for thousands of audiences all over America, in every possible situation...when you need results, Jerry gets it right, customizing his show in real time. He’s so good at finding the current of every audience, of any size and mix, and then creating a lively, smart, unifying experience for everyone.

“I feel at home in front of an audience. It’s where I’m at my best. I love to see people happy,” Jerry says.

Described as a “comic Houdini”, Jerry works MAGIC on an audience...simple as that. But, what makes this veteran showman truly special is how people genuinely respond to him. He sets the stage for fast, amazing fun and builds a surge of comedy momentum where volunteers become STARS. THEY get all the buzz after the show!

Plus, all performance details are taken care of, including sound and lights, making your planning worry-free. Jerry is self-contained, super flexible and easy to work with. And, his material is absolutely clean, fresh and appropriate.

From strolling magic to stage illusions to emceeing, Jerry can do it all! Any occasion that brings people together...a dinner, party, meeting or convention...Jerry has the passion to perform and the experience and versatility to deliver for you. That’s Comic Magic Energy at work!

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