Jesse Ross

Average Behavior=Average Results

Jesse Ross

As an Author, Speaker, and Personal & Professional Development Coach, Jesse Ross enjoys every opportunity to meet people where they are. With over 13 years of Organization Leadership Development experience, there isn’t a situation that he hasn’t seen. Jesse has a deep passion for helping people and using his unique skill set to foster growth in people. Jesse has used his training and skills to carry out the mission his mother instilled in him years ago, make a difference in the the lives of people. He does this by not only his words of wisdom through storytelling, but also by the power of presence. When he’s not spending his time with wonderful people as yourself, Jesse enjoys spending time with his brady bunch-like family of 7 and sneaking soft chocolate chip cookies into his diet.

Jesse's primary presentation is:

Average Behavior = Average Results
Anything that is given average amounts of attention will eventually subside and cease to exist. Average leadership produces average managers, which produces average employees, average income, average lifestyle, average on and on. Explore ways to think above average and live life the way you really desire. Find out why people are not high performers and how the 5C’s can move anybody into action. Learn how being Coachable, Connected, Communication, Committed, and Consistent all create success.

Additional presentations include:

Cultural Self-Awareness as a Tool for Effective Change
If cultural competence is about bridging across differences that make a difference, then the work must start with a focus on self. Our identities and cultures inform our beliefs, values, assumptions and biases and thus influence the ways we think about behave when working and relating across difference. This workshop helps change agents explore their own cultural patterns and behaviors and links identity awareness to our capacity to make new and different choices to achieve equity or inclusion goals.

The 4 Animals Team Assessment
Any business leader knows that an organization is only as good as the people it employs. As an organization scales, this becomes more complicated than simply "hire the best people". The best teams are balanced, empathic towards one another, accountable, and open. There are 4 Animals that run any workplace: a lion, a flamingo, a chameleon, and a turtle! It's true. And each of them does things differently! What if you knew how each one operates, communicates, and works? What if you knew that your over-bearing personality can be used as a strength? Or the fact that you're indecisive means you're adaptable. This assessment allows you to take some time to think through both the general strengths and weaknesses of your team, as well as the individual personalities involved. Is your team missing a vital personality type, do the appropriate accountabilities need to be established, or do they just need help understanding each other? No matter what the scenario, the 4 Animals Assessment can provide decision makers and team leaders with tools to create the best teams and supercharge their performance.

>> Career Highlights

-Certified in the Business of Speaking and Coaching
-12 years of Experience in Organizational Leadership
-Certified Facilitator with Everything DiSC
-Certified Intercultural Development Inventory Qualified Administrator
-Ron McKinley Philanthropy Fellow
-Voted 2017 Ones to Watch in Philanthropy Sector
-Personal & Professional Development Coach
-Author of Fathers Matter: Leadership Lessons I’ve Learned from My Father

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