John Cosgrove

Trivia Host and Emcee

John Cosgrove

John Cosgrove has been an outstanding master of ceremonies and trivia game show host for live events for the past 18 years. This Irishman uses his quick wit, sense of humor and great voice to create a fun atmosphere where everyone has fun from start to finish. John is a great choice for many different settings and is always a popular choice when you are looking for someone to guide a group through an evening as an emcee.

Or perhaps you want the group to laugh and interact through his personalized Trivia show hosting? Cosgrove is a terrific, hilarious emcee that runs a top notch and technologically enhanced trivia night for any size group. The trivia game is facilitated on audience members’ smart phones, which has the ability to be customized to fit your group, organization, or event theme. The trivia night is outside-the-box when compared to a standard stage show, but has the interactive piece to get everyone in your engaged. A big additional benefit is that John can do all of the emcee work for the night, which he excels at.

And now, as we adjust to whole brave new world of virtual events, John is ready to bring that same talent online to your group! A great addition for a sales/department meeting, virtual happy hour, or social group!

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