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Kristen Brown

Charge Up Your Sales Leadership and Life

Kristen Brown
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Kristen Brown energizes your work and life as an international speaker and bestselling author. Some clients include General Mills, the Minnesota Vikings, Mayo Health, and many more.

As a self-proclaimed nerdy data junkie, she actually uses her Master’s education along with her certifications in Holistic Health, Yoga, and energy healing to help her audiences and clients be their best even during stress and change. Plus, her experiences as a corporate leader and a widowed mom give her many stories that bring perspective to those she teaches. She also includes a pre-event welcome video, bonus e-book, and post-event recap video.


Energy NOW! Charge Up Your Work & Life

During this session you will unblock your best self with easy, fun, and powerful ideas for growth so you can show up as an awesome leader, memorable brand, and energizing human!

Key Takeaways:

1. Elevate your confidence and resilience by uncovering what tasks and traits fire you up, bring out the best in you, and elevate those around you.

2. You will identify the positive people in your work and life to guide and drive your goals while releasing the energy drainers.

3. Engage in actionable energizers you can use on-the-fly to help you relax, charge you up, and manage stress when you need it most by tapping into your seven key energy centers: Motivation, Creativity, Confidence, Relationships, Communication, Strategy, and Vision.

Bonus Breakout Option: We can add breakout sessions The Spectrum of Awesome (personal branding), The Happy Hour Effect (stress management), or Map Your Mission (crafting a personal mission statement) - all designed to show up as your best and help your team too!

>> Career Highlights

>> Testimonials

“Loved your keynote today at BSC. It was great to hear you again! I look forward to implementing the 3 R’s, RISE and REV into my work and personal life – Thank you!
-Boston Scientific

“I was already doing some of her suggestions, but her Life Map exercise helped me further clarify what’s important to me and how I can move forward with what I really want. I gained momentum and confidence in the direction I’m taking with my career.”
-General Mills

“Kristen shares actionable and realistic tips to be successful in work and life. Her passion for her work shined during her presentation and the audience really enjoyed her insights. Her Life Mapping exercise is a powerful way to shift the balance between stress and energy – and it’s fun too. Kristen was a wise investment.
-Anoka County

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>> Sample Introduction

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