Laura Emiola

Aerialist / Tight Rope / Circus Arts

Laura Emiola

Aerialist Laura (Laura Emiola) brings your event to new heights with stunning
aerial entertainment. Let your audience be amazed as they watch her bend, twist
and drop from great heights on the aerial silks, or as she balances, leaps and
turns on a ½’’ tightrope spanning thin air. Laura’s aerial prowess can be featured
in a classic choreographed act, as ambient party entertainment, for aerial
champagne pouring, as a wine angel, aerial flower girl, or for a multi-act
multi-apparatus show.

Laura brings with her an extensive background in the performing arts. Her act
specialties include the aerial arts such as silks, rope, trapeze and lyra, and
balance acts such as the tightrope and bottlewalking. She has trained and
performed nearly her entire life across circus, dance, gymnastics, competitive
cheerleading and music.

Hire with confidence! A free-standing aerial rig allows for aerial set-up in even the
most precarious of environments. She can also rig off of many existing structures
for a seamless look.

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