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Matt's Family Jam

Matt's Family Jam is a modern-day family show band currently touring and performing at some of the largest venues across the country. Coming from Branson, Missouri, this family delivers a power-packed, energetic, live music show that includes everything from inspiring classic hits to current favorites as well as original music. Matt's Family Jam consists of the Rolf family - Matt, Lisa and their three children; Collin age 18, Adrienne age 15 and Benny age 12. The family has been touring full-time since 2010, and is carrying on a strong musical heritage. Dad, Matt, grew up playing music in a duo with his sister and toured North America for over 20 years. Mom, Lisa, holds a music degree and has been performing and teaching music her whole life, so it goes without saying that the kids have grown up immersed in music. As second generation performers, they are no strangers to the music business. With skills far surpassing their young ages, these siblings amaze audiences every time they step onstage. Their vocal abilities, combined with their technical abilities on a variety of instruments, treat audiences to a unique musical experience at every show.

Performing literally hundreds of shows each year, Matt's Family Jam shows the poise of seasoned professionals. Their outstanding musicianship and their polished, professional stage show, featuring music everyone loves, create an entertaining experience that will appeal to everyone in your audience regardless of age. Matt's Family Jam is a proven winner every time!

>> Career Highlights

Touring since 2010, MFJ has performed literally hundreds of shows each year, enjoying numerous repeat performances at venues in Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Ohio, Wisconsin, Missouri, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Highlights include:

Ohio State Fair - 6 years
Wisconsin State Fair - 5 years
Georgia National Fair - 5 years
Iowa State Fair - 3 years
Nebraska State Fair - 3 years
South Carolina State Fair - 4 years
Florida State Fair - 2 years
Great Allentown Fair - 3 years
York Fair - 3 years
Porter Co. Fair, Valparaiso, IN - 4 years
South Plains Fair, Lubbock, TX - 5 years
The Main Stage and Performing Arts Center - Tabor, IA
Big Cedar Lodge - Branson, MO
Branson Landing - Branson, MO

>> Testimonials

“Matt’s Family Jam is THE REAL DEAL! It is a blessing to have them converge onto your venue, turn it into an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for their show and absolutely WOW a crowd with overwhelming energy, impeccable timing, stellar showmanship, hilarious humor, outstanding talent and incomparable people skills on and off stage.”

- The Main Stage & Performing Arts Center - Tabor, IA

“If you want a quality, high energy show that appeals to audiences from 2 to 92 then look no further than Matt’s Family Jam. From tapping your toes to dancing in the aisles, your audience won’t be able to sit still. If the music doesn’t move them then the sheer talent of these young performers will. I would definitely have them back to perform at our fair again and again.”

- Porter County Fair - Valparaiso, IN

“Matt’s Family Jam filled the “streets” of our fair with joyful music and energy!…The Rolf family is talented, dynamic and a pleasure to work with…They easily captured and maintained the attention of our guests. Never before have we received as much positive feedback as we have with Matt’s Family Jam. They simply exude happiness. We can’t wait to have them back!”

- Nebraska State Fair

>> Basic Set-Up Needs

Matt's Family Jam can provide their own complete sound, lighting and backline production. Full technical rider and stage plot can be provided if sound/production are already present at the venue. Specific needs can be discussed upon contracting the artist.

>> Sample Introduction

Below is a sample introduction you can use when introducing Matt's Family Jam to your audience:

"Everyone, get ready! The family you're about to see tours the country entertaining thousands, sharing their own brand of music and energy. This modern-day family band will have you smiling and leave you amazed! So put your hands together and welcome, Matt's Family Jam!"

>> Pricing Information

Pricing for each act varies depending on a number of factors including: location of the event; popularity of the date; routing for each act; type of event; single or multiple day performances; length of show, etc. To get a specific and accurate quote for your event please contact our office by completing the form below or calling (612) 361-6002. We respond very quickly to answer all our clients' questions.

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