Maxine Jeffris

Stand-Up Comedian

Maxine Jeffris

“How can this woman possibly be funny?” One of Maxine Jeffris’ favorite comments from a new fan was: “I saw you walk out on stage and thought, ‘How can this woman possibly be funny?’” When Maxine Jeffris takes the stage she may look all prim and proper and quite matronly, but don’t let that exterior fool you.

This is one funny lady. Maxine has entertained audiences nationwide, has performed three times on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and has been on dozens of other television and radio shows including Comedy on the Road for Comedy Central and Stand-up, Stand-up for HBO. Her timing and her material is amazing, and she is guaranteed to leave everyone in your audience laughing, almost to the point of tears. This is one funny lady who will come to your event and make sure everyone has a good time. If your group is ready to laugh, and laugh hard, you just might be ready for Maxine Jeffris.

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