Mike Brody

Stand-Up Comedian

Mike Brody

Starting comedy at an open mic in Iowa in the year 2000, Mike Brody has since devoted his life to perfecting the delivery of his high-energy act. His genuine passion for his craft draws audience members into the comical world of Mike Brody: An affable, relatable guy whose life is often derailed by his own neurotic and clumsy tendencies. Past audiences rave about Mike's ability to cater his act to specific groups and engage with the crowd in a quick-witted lively way that leaves everyone laughing, but never offended. Brody has spent the last 20 years touring the U.S. and internationally, providing laughs for diverse audiences in comedy clubs, colleges, corporate events and on cruises. He has also been featured on the nationally syndicated radio program "The Bob & Tom Show" as well as the "The Dan Patrick Show" podcast. He's recorded two comedy albums on Rooftop Comedy, with tracks regularly featured on SirusXM Satellite Radio. Brody can also be seen in his 2019 Dry Bar Comedy special "Not Afraid of Butterflies".

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