Mike Lauer

Facing Your Fears is Facing Yourself

Mike Lauer

Mike Lauer is a public speaker looking to engage audiences in an honest dialogue around mental health. Understanding the journey one takes from the onset of symptoms to a diagnosis and treatment can prove to be a long and winding road. From a self-care perspective, it will be harrowing every day. However, guided by professionals and authentic encouragement, a life outside of anxiety and depression is possible.

In ‘Facing Your Fears is Facing Yourself,’ Mike will share his stories and insights on why we might be afraid to tackle our anxiety and depression, who we can talk to, and how to maintain the progress through therapy. The secret? Starting with an honest conversation to move you towards the health professional best suited to guide along your path.

As you begin to confront your challenges, you’ll notice the recurring theme is rooted in our own limitations in accepting and dealing with ourselves. To face your fears, you’ll have to face yourself. You shouldn’t have to do it alone.

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