Murder Mystery

Interactive Show Experience

Murder Mystery

Be a part of the mystery! In this fully-interactive show, your event’s guests are welcomed by professional actors in costume, who are all portraying suspects in a murder that will happen at some point during your event. Your guests will take on the role of assisting the detective to actively solve the case by examining evidence, finding and following the clues, and questioning the suspects – with the ultimate goal of discovering the “Who-dunnit,” “Why-dunnit,” and “How-dunnit”!

The actors facilitate an icebreaker to get the audience on their feet and asking questions. Prizes are typically awarded to the first audience member to come up with the correct solution to the mystery.

Packages include:

7-8 Actors, Props, and Costumes
Handouts, including the initial information sheets, ice breaker exercise, police reports, clues
Multiple scripts and themes available to customize the experience to your event
Overall event is approximately two hours, depending on the particular theme/script selected. This includes a dinner/meal portion of the event, and approximately a 45-minute ‘show’ following dinner. A group leader for the actors will work with you directly to assist in selecting the theme/script to fit your group and ensure you have a great experience!

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