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Petra Marquart

7 Deadly Sins of Service

Petra Marquart
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Petra Marquart is an inspirational speaker who has received rave reviews at conventions and conferences around the globe. She is principal in See ME, Inc., a Minnesota-based company dedicated to helping long-term-care communities deliver world-class service. To that end, she created See ME: Customer Service Training in Compassionate Care specifically for longterm-care providers with an emphasis on skilled-nursing and assisted-living communities. The label customer service expert absolutely rings true.

Petra has written customer service training programs for Mall of America, US Bank, US Department of Veterans Affairs, Honeywell Space Systems, Fairview University Health System, Casinos America, Target Center Arena, US Department of Homeland Security, Canadian Rail System/Soo Line Railroad, Metro Dentalcare, Minnesota Department of Administration and Wisconsin Department of Child Protective Services.

Whether speaking on customer service, leadership, personal power or performance, Petra’s skilled

stage presence comes, in part, from her experience as a performer in Las Vegas with such stars as

Elvis Presley, Tina Turner and some of the most recognized names in the world.


The 7 Deadly Sins of Service: There is no excuse for bad service. Since it costs five times more to replace a customer than it does to keep one, poor service can cost a bundle! But is poor service the result of staff not knowing what to do or not seeing what’s needed? Hardly. It’s the result of poor habits, indifference and apathy, which destroy the goodwill and attention residents and their families expect. This presentation identifies the sins that get in the way of great service and shows you how to get back on track.

Leading a Service-Based Organization: How do you create a culture where staff is inspired to provide great service? You hire it, train it, guide it, reward it, model it and lead it. This presentation has been designed specifically for people who are responsible for the organization’s outcomes or performance environment. It provides clear instruction as to how to create a setting in which people thrive and where compassion, concern and empathy abound.

Dealing With Difficult Situations and Emotional People: Service is never more important than when people are having a difficult time or being emotional. Without the skills to handle these things, they can escalate, which makes them even more challenging. In this session, you will learn how to manage people’s feelings in order to help manage their behaviors. With these skills, you will deal with complaints and concerns before they turn into problems and problems before they turn into situations

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“Petra is a dynamite speaker. She is able to create electricity in the room! ”
-3M Company

"I'm not sure why we bothered with the rest of the conference when all people talked about for the next two days was Petra Marquart. You grabbed them by the lapels at the start of your talk and riveted them to their seats until the end. The best comment was, 'I want to be that woman's agent.' Thanks for a job very well done."
-Minnesota State Lottery

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