Ringin and Swingin

The George Maurer Group Holiday Show

Ringin and Swingin

Style, sophistication, energy — and entertainment that not even the Grinch could resist. Light up your holidays with “Ringin & Swingin: The George Maurer Group Holiday Show” and the group’s trademark irreverent, tongue-in-cheek takes on classic Christmas tunes.

Maurer and company wrap the songs of the season in their unique brand of jazz, quoting everything Motown to Monk (Thelonious, that is) and Broadway to the Big Easy for a sound that’s two sizes too big. Highlights include a big brass blowout of “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” that fuses Henry Mancini with Dr. Seuss, brilliant 4-part vocal harmonies, and a dead-on tribute to Dean Martin’s “The Christmas Blues.”

“Ringin’ & Swingin’” features an extensive repertoire of fun, swinging classics by jazz and pop legends, with intricate arrangements and vocals seasoned by the George Maurer Group’s famous lighthearted flair. Just when you expect them to pull another jazz riff out of Santa’s bag, they might give you a little hit of Led Zeppelin instead. Just when you least expect it, they might take you on a nostalgic journey to Christmases past with a heartfelt rendition of a time-honored favorite.

The George Maurer Group has brought many a house to its feet with their outstanding stage shows, where encores are the rule and the holiday spirit fills the room.

Ring in your holidays with the swingin’est Christmas show around.

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