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Sami Dare

Sami Dare is an experienced stage performer who brings the best of stage hypnosis to your company party, fair, or graduation celebration. The show is full of surprises that appeal to any age group. Members of the audience become stars of every show, making each hilarious hour totally unique and different. People come back again and again to watch - or participate - in the fun! What happens in Sami's show? Everyone in the crowd is given a chance to become hypnotized, and a few lucky people are invited to the stage. What happens next, you have to see to believe! They become fishermen, race car drivers, astronauts and movie stars. They eat ice cream cones, speak foreign languages, and a few may even forget their own names!

The show is hilariously funny, and always in good taste. Bring this no hassles show to your event, fair or festival. Each performance is tailored to meet the needs of your group, and Sami creates a moment in time that is truly unforgettable. People will be talking about it for years to come!

>> Career Highlights

Sami Dare was born in Minneapolis, MN, grew up in Virginia, MN, and spent much of her childhood on stage singing with her six siblings and her parents who are both Lutheran ministers. As a teenager, her family moved back to Minneapolis, and she's lived there since that time. Sami graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College in St Peter, MN with a degree in Elementary Education. When she became interested in hypnosis in 1991, she apprenticed on stage for two years with an established stage hypnotist, and studied hypnotherapy to become a certified hypnotherapist. She has produced a self-hypnosis CD for people who want to quit smoking, stop overeating, or simply learn how to manage daily stress. Sami has been performing on stage since 1993, in almost every state in the US, including Hawaii.

>> Testimonials

"It was amazing!!! Everyone had such a great time and it was fun-loving and exciting at the same time. Sami did a fantastic job of making everyone feel comfortable and provided some of the best entertainment we have had all year! Thank you so much for all of your work on letting our employee have a night of fun, relaxation and laughs!!"
- Lindus Construction, Inc.

"Sami was wonderful to work with. The kids loved the show and the parents also enjoyed it. We are recommending her to the next class of parents. Thank you for providing such good clean entertainment for our teenagers."
- Royalton High School Gradbash

"You guys are so awesome to work with. I have gotten nothing but positive feedback on Sami!"
-Baker Boy

"The party was a huge success! All the feedback on Sami Dare was very positive & people would love to do this type of entertainment again. Thank you for making my planning much easier!"
- Avicenna Technology

"Sami did a terrific job with the kids again. We really like her. She was professional and really brought out the best in the students she had on stage. The comedy was funny, without taking it way too far. We would not hesitate in any way asking her back again. She is so wonderful to work with!"
-Mountain Lake High School

"Sami was great, as always. As you know, her act is the finale of a very exciting and long evening and for her to be able to keep the students (and parents) engaged is a miracle - She's wonderful!"
- Kennedy High School

"Sami Dare was excellent as ever. She stated to the kids she has been coming to Canby since 1994 or 1995 periodically. It was her best show that I have ever seen her do. Kudos to her. She by far is the best hypnotist that we have seen...!!!!!!!!!"
- Canby High School

>> Basic Set-Up Needs

This program is easily adaptable to virtually any condition. For best results, we recommend the following set-up:

Stage: Try to avoid having the audience and performance on the same level. If using a stage, a 16 ft. wide by 8 ft. deep is the minimum requirement. Ideally, a stage would be 20 ft. wide by 16 ft. deep.
Chairs: Please have 10-20 chairs (with backs) on the stage in a single row, facing the audience.
Sound: Artist is able to provide her own sound system capable of covering most settings. However, if your facility has its own sound system, that is preferred in many cases. The artist would require one (1) handheld wireless microphone (preferred) and one XLR input to the sound system for her music player.
Lights: Please have the performance area illuminated as much as possible.
Recording: Video recording of this performance is allowed, however it is to be for Home-Use only. Commercial sale of the recording without permissions is not allowed. Artist assumes no responsibility for misuse of hypnosis recordings (it is recommended that you do not show recording to the show's participants on the same day as the show).

>> Sample Introduction

>> Pricing Information

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