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Terry DaVolt

High Energy Hynposis

Terry DaVolt

Terry DaVolt has been entertaining audiences across the United States and around the world since 1983. He has won awards like Harrah’s Entertainer of the Year and has performed as far away as England, Canada, Japan, and Singapore. He has literally entertained hundreds of thousands of people so far in his entertainment career. In 2004 alone, Terry spent 231 days on the road—truly an entertainer in demand!

Terry’s “High Voltage” Hypnosis Comedy Show is guaranteed to please the crowds at your next meeting or party. Audience members become the stars of the show! Terry will energize and hypnotize your whole event with hilarious skits and demonstrations of the power of our minds and imagination that will keep your guests laughing and cheering for more.

>> Career Highlights

Terry DaVolt has entertained large and small audiences around the world. He has performed as far away as Singapore and Japan, and toured with the Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus, as well as performing at Disneyland in California, Circus-Circus Casino in Las Vegas, and international festivals in England and Japan.

His TV credits include being involved with CBS specials hosted by Barbara Mandrell, Emmanuel Lewis, and Dick Van Dyke and has performed on the Statler Bros. TV Show on TNN.

Terry is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

>> Testimonials

“Terry, You Rock!”

–Kix Brooks & Ronnie Dunn

“Terry DaVolt kept our audience watching every step that he did, he had them laughing, clapping, and wanting more by the end of his performance! Some people were skeptical but he proved to be very entertaining and did not disappoint us! We would definitely consider having Terry back in the future for our fundraising event!”

–Pocahontas Healthcare Foundation

“Terry is a very skilled and charismatic entertainer, and he always delivers outstanding quality performances! Your organization will benefit by his valuable contribution!”

–TBA Entertainment Corporation

“The feedback from our employees was that this was one of our best company parties ever and the entertainment was ‘fantastic.’ Terry has a superb talent for not only entertaining, but also for receiving audience participation. He seemed to know just the right folks to bring up to the stage! We would recommend Terry to any company looking for good, clean fun, and entertainment!”

–Foldcraft Company

“I laughed so hard that I was hoarse for the remainder of the evening! You had many compliments and we hope to be able to have the opportunity to invite you back again sometime soon.”

–Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.

“Again, I can not say thank you enough! You helped us out when we were in a bind and I’m personally grateful for your commitment to our organization! I can not wait for you to join us again next year!”

–American Royal Association

“Your top-notch professionalism and enthusiasm was apparent from the moment we met you. Our customers and employees enjoyed watching you due to your enthusiasm, creativity, and sense of humor! Excellent job!”

–Utility Division, Polaris Industries

>> Basic Set-Up Needs

In order to give you the best performance possible, Terry provides the following information as a technical rider to his contract:

Artist requests:
Stage: Appropriate stage that will allow artist and audience participants to be seen by the audience. (Minimum 16 ft x 24 ft) The stage should be large enough for volunteers to be active during the performance, without the chance of them falling off stage. Steps to stage should be available in two locations.
Chairs: Minimum (15) to maximum (25) straight back, armless chairs arranged on stage in a semi circle (half moon shape) facing the audience. Exact number should be based on your audience/stage size.
Lighting: The lighting system needs to be adequate enough to cover the working area of the stage. Performance area should be brighter than the house (audience) area. If needed, a lighting system can be provided.
Audio: (For most contracts the artist will provide sound.)
If client is providing the PA system, a professional sound system is required suitable to cover the entire function area INCLUDING the stage. It is important that there is sound coverage (floor monitors or speakers) available so that the audience volunteers are able to hear vocal suggestions over the entire stage area. This system should include:
- 1 Wireless handheld microphone
- 1 Straight microphone stand
- 2 XLR cable inputs
Accommodations: If a room is provided, please reserve one non-smoking room (under the name Terry DaVolt) as close to the event site as possible.
Videotaping: No portion of the performance may be recorded, filmed or taped in any other form. (Still picture cameras are acceptable.) Purchaser agrees to prevent any such recordings without the consent of Terry DaVolt.

>> Sample Introduction

>> Pricing Information

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