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The Flyin Hawaiian

Sara Kunz

The Flyin Hawaiian

She’s got the grace of a dolphin, sweetness of a pineapple, and jokes as good as your Dads! Sara will whisk your audience away to a wonderful Hawaiian vacation meets three- ring-circus in 'The Flyin' Hawaiian Show’. It’s a true spectacle where comedy and coconut trees collide with contortion, hula hoops, audience participation, and a truly unique finale. Her silliness and charm weave through fantastic feats and help her volunteers shine as they help her finish the show over 10’ in the air.

The Flyin’ Hawaiian show is a family-oriented delight that has engaged audiences in over 20 countries and in 6 different languages. Sara is an award winning story teller and circus performer who understands how integrating her stand-up comedy, dance, theatre, and physical skills not only leaves your audience happy, but with more love in their hearts and connection to their community. Not to mention the photos they’ll share!

Outside the show and off stage, you can find Sara hiking and camping, painting, playing ukulele, and rock climbing –sometimes all in the same day!

>> Career Highlights

• Studied at Beijing International Circus School
• Award winning hula-hooper and story teller
• Seen on TV and Front pages in Germany, Austria, Croatia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Canada, the USA, and of course Hawaii.
• Past audiences include Verizon Wireless, Boston Childrens Hospital, Dartmouth College, Decathlon Headquarters in Beijing, and even the Prime Minister of Malaysia
• Critically acclaimed playwriter and actress

>> Testimonials

“She is such a lovely, heart-warming and professional entertainer and ads a lot of sparkle”
-Event Organizer Fantastika, Austria

“We were able to convince ourselves personally of her absolutely friendly, positive and professional personality. She was always on time at her venues and also liked to stand in if we had to change the program in a short-term way. The highlight of the collaboration, was her show itself, she absolutely captivated the audience”
-Bamberg State Marketing Department

“Sara is a consummate professional and she brings a real passion for performance to any event!”
-Michael Mucciolo, Director Boston Circus Guild
“I couldn't be happier with how everything went. Your show, the way you got the audience so alive, everything leading up to the performance was so professional too –I couldn’t ask for more”
-Quincy Asian Resources

“Sara captivated our audience with her sassy, family-friendly show. Her unique theme and high skill level stand out in a crowded field, and her kindness, positivity, and professionalism make her a joy to work with. She delighted our guests and made me look good to my bosses!”
-Director Dundas Buskerfest

>> Basic Set-Up Needs

The Flyin' Hawaiian Show includes a rigging unit that requires a minimum of 12 ft x 12 ft of ground space/clearance and 16 ft of height clearance.

>> Sample Introduction

Below is a sample introduction you may use when introducing The Flyin' Hawaiian to your audience:

"She’s here today all the way from the Big Island of Hawaii. She’s got the grace of a dolphin, sweetness of a pineapple, and jokes as good as your Dads! Please welcome to the stage with her hula hoops, contortion and coconut tree- Sara Kunz and the Flyin Hawaiian Show."

>> Pricing Information

Pricing for each act varies depending on a number of factors including: location of the event; popularity of the date; routing for each act; type of event; single or multiple day performances; length of show, etc. To get a specific and accurate quote for your event please contact our office by completing the form below or calling (612) 361-6002. We respond very quickly to answer all our clients' questions.

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