The Home Fires

Americana Duo

The Home Fires

The Home Fires is an Americana duo from Minneapolis comprised of acclaimed singer/songwriters Sarah Morris and Vicky Emerson. While both women continue to pursue successful solo careers and tour on a national basis, they have joined forces to launch this new project. The combination of Sarah’s clear, melodic voice and Vicky’s warm, weathered tone created a completely unique harmony combination that continues to resonate with audiences and has propelled them into the forefront of their local music scene.

Sarah and Vicky chose the name The Home Fires because 'Home' represents their love for their children and families, and 'Fire' represents their continued passion for music and songwriting. They both have accepted the challenge and support each other in the intricate balancing act of being a mother while pursuing a career in music.

The duo has gained traction in the Midwest through touring, residencies and opening slots for Frankie Lee and Ben Rector. Their live show includes piano, guitars and often hilarious stage banter. They are currently co-writing songs in the car when they tour on the weekends in anticipation of a full length Americana album.

>> Career Highlights

>> Testimonials

"Talk about a warm, fun evening! Vicky and Sarah traded songs back and forth, playing guitars and our grand piano. Most of the songs were originals, but a tasty cover or two wiggled their way in as well. The two voices blended nicely, and the stage banter was great. Our audience digs the Home Fires and we’ll have them back again soon."
-WideSpot Performing Arts Center

“The Home Fires have all the qualities it takes to deliver a delightful musical joy ride. I've hired this talented duo twice for an event at the Minnesota State Fair, perhaps one of the busiest and most distracting venues possible, and each time they easily cut through the surrounding noise and competition to draw – and keep - a crowd. They have all the qualities it takes to deliver a memorable musical experience: a riveting stage presence, seductive harmonies, and original music so catchy you feel like somehow you already know their songs. Give them a listen; before you know it you'll be tapping your toes, smiling wide, and feeling the urge to sing along. “
-Minnesota Cooks

>> Basic Set-Up Needs

The Home Fires are self-contained and can provide their own sound for most situations.

If sound is provided, the group would appreciate phantom power for their microphones.

>> Sample Introduction

Below is a sample introduction you may use when introducing The Home Fires to your audience:

"There are moments in your life when you are meant to meet other people. When Sarah Morris and Vicky Emerson met, they had a whole lot in common. They were both managing successful solo careers, writing and releasing new music all while juggling the tricky balancing act of being a musician and mothers to small children. They struck up a fast friendship and decided touring together would be a pretty good time. They have been sharing stages around the United States with their soaring harmonies and a healthy dose of sass.

Please put your hands together for – The Home Fires."

>> Pricing Information

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