The Zany Waiters

Interactive Physical Comedy

The Zany Waiters

The Zany Waiters will make your event something special and unique! During your social hour, reception, or dinner event, our experienced entertainers initially appear to blend in with the wait staff–even wearing the same attire. Of course, they don’t act like any ordinary waiters. As the event progresses, their zany interactive antics will slowly start to turn heads and the laughter will spread as your guests are entertained on a table-by-table basis.

The true skill in their hilarious presentation is how well the Zany Waiters serve up laughs while remaining respectful of the dining experience. When the comic imposter is finally revealed, the whole audience is in on the joke and will be talking about this unique entertainment experience for days!

The Zany Waiters are also available to offer a full stage show filled with physical comedy following the served dinner or social hour.

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