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Jeff Kortes

Employee Retention & Recruitment

Jeff Kortes
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Jeff Kortes didn’t become an employee retention and recruitment speaker, author and expert by accident. His early career spanned 25 years as a human resource professional, trainer, and consultant. He has held leadership roles in companies such as ConAgra, Midas International, SPX, and Quaker Oats Company.

After three facility closures, a strike and a corporate buyout, Jeff put all his experience together and started Human Asset Management, LLC, a multi-segment HR services firm. He has helped hundreds of first-line supervisors, managers, and executives with training in employee retention and engagement.

His no-nonsense approach is reflected in his C.R.A.P. Leadership® System and Execution Focused Leadership® which instill positive supervisory and managerial behavior while driving results in the organization. He draws on his experiences as a human resources professional, father, coach, martial artist and U.S. Army veteran to provide thought-provoking programs that yield results.


Give Your Employees C.R.A.P: The Success Formula for Building Employee Loyalty

Why do some bosses have loyal staffs of long-term employees, while others are poster children for employee turnover? The answer is C.R.A.P. (Care, Respect, Apprecition, Praise)… and successful bosses know how to dish it out. Drawing on his extensive experience as a talent recruiter and HR leader, Jeff explains why some employees will run through a brick wall for their boss, while others would gladly throw their boss off a wall. Jeff’s lively, give-and-take program helps participants understand that the formula for employee loyalty is simple: Give Your Employees C.R.A.P.®.

As a “headhunter” and human resources executive, he’s heard firsthand from candidates why bosses who give their people lots of C.R.A.P. can count on them when times get tough.

Most importantly, participants leave with tangible ideas and action steps – ones they can implement immediately to strengthen employee loyalty and retention in their own organizations.

Recruit to Win!

Hiring and onboarding new workers isn’t cheap. By some estimates, upfront costs can equal one-half of their salaries. These financial facts make employee retention strategies smart business. Working as a “headhunter” for many years, Jeff learned how to find the often needle-in-a-haystack talent to move organizations forward.

In “Recruit to Win,” Jeff provides a headhunter’s insight into building a comprehensive recruitment strategy. Through real-life stories and interactive participation, his “Recruit to Win” program helps you put the right pieces in place to systematically fill job openings.

Jeff’s two programs on finding and hiring employees are filled with humor, real-life experiences … and very frank reality checks.

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