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Sam Richter

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Sam Richter
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Considered one of the world's foremost Sales Intelligence and digital reputation experts, award-winning Hall of Fame speaker and bestselling author, Sam Richter, takes something you already know, that Knowledge Is Power, and turns it into reality. It's the "HOW you do it" - using the Web resources you use every day but in ways you never thought possible combined with the secrets of the 'hidden web' - that will truly amaze you (and probably scare you).

The National Speakers Association inducted Sam into the National Speaker Hall of Fame, where fewer than 300 professional speakers worldwide have been honored, and Sam also received the Association's CSP Designation, reserved for the top 10 percent of the world's professional speakers.


Every Sale YES Begins with a KNOW

It’s amazing that in today's information world, the key metric that many organizations still use to judge sales activity is the number of calls made. Sure, you can start at "A" and end with "Z" and mathematically, someone will buy. Or you can leverage Sales Intelligence to locate the right prospects, at the right time, with the right message. In this dynamic program, you will discover...

• How to generate opportunities using sales trigger events and powerful introductions, so you're calling on the prospects who most likely need your product or solution, right now.

• How to use search engines, social media, and the Invisible Web as powerful sales and competitive "intelligence agents," ensuring you align your value proposition to what prospects care about.

• How to leverage information to make a great impression, ensure relevancy, gain permission to ask challenging questions, and provide ongoing value to both prospects and clients.

• How information truly is power, allowing you to get past gate keepers, clearly differentiate from the competition, negotiate on value instead of price, and bottom line: win more business.

Is Your Business Consultant Some Yahoo Named Google

Did you know that on average, each person in your office spends two+ hours each day looking for information? At an opportunity cost of $50 per hour, that's almost $20,000 per year per employee wasted. How valuable would it be if you could cut your searching time in half? How strong could your relationships be if you understand others better? How effective would your plans and strategies be if you had the right information, the first time, every time? In this dynamic presentation, you will discover…

• Web search secrets that you never thought possible for finding industry information, company data, market opportunities, and even details about individuals.

• How to use search engines in ways that 99% of the planet has no clue how to do - tips and tricks that will even work while searching for emails and files on your computer.

• The "Invisible Web" – the 95% of the business Internet not easily found via search engines that holds a wealth of incredible information including free access to expensive subscription databases.

• Techniques for using online information to build strong business relationships, have the upper hand in negotiations, generate powerful introductions, and grow your business.

Don’t Steal the Cheesecake

In today's "everything is online" world, people pass judgement and form opinions about you before ever even meeting. What you post online, text, leave as a voicemail, say or do in front of a public camera, and even email is not limited to private networks. Rather, there's a good chance that what you do in a digital format is public, searchable, and archived, FOREVER! Meaning everything you do online impacts your personal brand, and even your company brand. In "Don't Steal the Cheesecake" you will learn...

• The difference between your character, reputation, personal brand, and company brand, how they are all intertwined, and how they impact your career, relationships, and your company.

• The dangers of sharing too much information, what can happen if you're not careful, and how to respond in a digital format when you're angry, so you don't become a negative "Viral Sensation."

• The "Five Laws of Digital Reputation Management" along with simple, common sense ideas that will align your character and reputation, ensuring consistency across your personal brand.

• Inside secrets on how to manage your digital presence (for non-technical people) so when others search for information on you, there is some control on what they find.

You Just “Friended” a Thief

It's amazing the amount of information available online about companies and people. And it's shocking how vulnerable we all are to Personal Identity Theft and Business Identity Theft - in ways you might not think about. In this jaw-dropping presentation, you will discover…

• How to find the information that is available about you, your family, and your business that others have shared in a digital format, and what you can do to protect yourself.

• How the seemingly innocent information that you post online could be providing thieves with an open door into your bank account.

• How the biggest risk to your and your clients' data is probably not an online hacker, rather, it's most likely sitting in your office right now.

• Easy-to-implement, non-technical ways to protect yourself, your family, and your business from identity theft.

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"You are the best speaker in our organization's history, and your competition is strong….we have had the President, sports stars, and some of the most-well known speakers in the world. For you to be placed at the top…WOW! You are now one of our go to speakers!"
-Express Employment Professionals

"For the second year in a row - and you are the only speaker in our national conference's history who we've ever booked two years in a row - all I can say is thank you! You once again "wowed" all of us with your program. Your balance of information, humor, and enthusiasm will help everyone in the room be better at what we do."
-SVP, US Bank

"You were a joy to work with and our attendees loved you!! Your presentation was the #1 session of our entire conference, out of 85 speakers!"

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