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Tim Gabrielson Virtual Program

The Magic of Comedy

Tim Gabrielson Virtual Program
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In the current "storm" many team members are heading in different emotional directions. A sense of community and alignment to the company's vision has become even more important to keep everyone engaged and connected.

Virtually re-connect and show your appreciation for the team by hosting Tim's magical, moral-boosting event.

Tim's interactive, educational, and entertaining experience can be tailored to the team's needs and the company's vision. Even the family at home could join in on the fun!

Tim’s 30-90 minute interactive virtual event takes your attendees along on a comedic, attitude changing journey. He masterfully weaves a subtle, uplifting message throughout his hilarious comedy and magic presentation and leaves the audience thoroughly entertained, engaged and energized!

Downloadable PDF Flyer available at:

>> Career Highlights

>> Testimonials

"The response from our virtual attendees was amazing!"
-Randy Shaver Cancer Research & Community Fund

"Tim Gabrielson is all you need to make your event a huge success!"

"Never before have my employees thanked me in such big numbers for a great night!"

>> Basic Set-Up Needs

>> Sample Introduction

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