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"Managing Change and Stress"

Stevie Ray

Stevie Ray is a master at taking what is good and making it excellent. He doesn’t lecture or flip through PowerPoint slides, he engages your audience in interactive exercises designed to build vital skills to help:

  • Employees reach their next stage of teamwork
  • Professionals reach the next stage in their development
  • Companies reach their next stage of growth

Stevie Ray does not deliver speeches in the traditional sense. His presentations are highly interactive, filled with hands-on exercises designed to improve skills in communication, innovative thinking, teamwork, sales/persuasion, and leadership.

Stevie’s workshops are fun, and are designed using the latest research in neuroscience and effective communication. Your audience will be fully engaged, energized, and inspired.

Stevie’s Promise…

  • Your Audience Will Have Fun
    Laughter increases engagement, comprehension, and retention. So a fun atmosphere is not just a plus, it is a vital part of a successful presentation.
  • You Will Get A Customized Session
    Many speakers promise customization, but they only change the title of their speech. Stevie works with you to learn your specific objectives. He then creates an interactive session that will achieve your goals. No two sessions are alike.
  • Stress Free
    Stevie takes care of everything.
  • Your Audience Will Be Engaged
    for the entire session. Stevie Ray’s sessions are interactive, so time flies.
  • Any Number Can Attend
    Stevie’s format works for any size audience, from small group workshops to audiences of thousands.

As a keynote speaker and corporate trainer, Stevie Ray has traveled the world helping people sharpen professional skills to take them to the next stage of their development. His clients include Fortune 500 companies and small organizations alike.

In addition to his role as Executive Director for Stevie Ray’s Improv Company, he is a professional member of the National Speakers Association and has been a nationally recognized speaker and corporate trainer for over 25 years.

An author of nine books on a variety of subjects, he has also been published in over a dozen national publications and is a nationally syndicated columnist for the Business Journal newspapers; writing for the publication since 1997.

“I have never had a training seminar that received this kind of response. It definitely had a positive measurable effect on our employees’ performance.”

–Blue Cross Blue Shield

“I learned more from Stevie Ray in one hour than I have in ten years from other trainers.”

–Robins Kaplan Law Firm

“Your use of humor to illustrate your points kept our learners fully engaged and wanting more. Thank you for making our conference so successful.”

–Fairview Health Services

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