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Explore The World.  Perform Your Passion.  Start Your Career!

Cruise Ship Representation

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Get paid to do what you love. Travel the world. Pay off student loans. Perform in multi-million dollar, high-impact productions in Broadway-style theaters. Make friends from across the globe. Make memories for a lifetime.

G.L. Berg Entertainment has been providing performers with opportunities to travel and do what they love since 1989.  With years of experience both on and off the stage, including our own exciting years performing at sea and current performing schedules, our highest goal is to help make these experiences possible for others.



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specialists in cruise entertainment

We work with the industry’s leading cruise lines to match our talented roster of singers, dancers, and musicians with immediate and future opportunities at sea.  Our role doesn’t end once the match is made, however.  Performers receive regular support from us, the ones who’ve been there, all with one of the lowest agency fees in the industry. 


For our cruise ship partners, this means far less headaches, as we have the skills and connections to deal with questions and paperwork, including medicals.  This industry is our passion, and we look forward to working with you.   We are always reviewing submissions and considering talented performers for representation. 

Once you are signed to our roster, we will continue to work with you on refining your promotional and video materials.  This second set of eyes is one of the biggest advantages of having an agency that works closely with casting directors on a daily basis.  The cruise lines are seeing exactly what they need to see, and they’re seeing your best. 

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