Alex Clark

Comedian Who Happens To Juggle

Alex Clark

Youtube powerhouse Alex Clark does more than just make cartoons. He's a quick-witted, energetic, and bright comedian. A comedian that just happens to juggle. Mixing family-friendly and edgy humor together with knife juggling and ladder balancing, Alex's act is the perfect go-to for family events, corporate parties, and college campuses. He's talented, employable, and good-looking. The perfect guy to impress your friends, your mom, and your boss. His epic blend of circus and stand-up is what keeps audiences at the edge of their seats. He's juggled chainsaws, tempted fate with fire, and balanced on big unicycles, but these are all footnotes to his wise-cracking, mile-a-minute laughs.

While most comedians tell jokes from the safety of the stage, Alex brings it to the next level finishing his act from high above the crowd balanced atop a free standing ladder. It's dangerous, but it makes him one comedian that stands above the rest. (#literally!) His act is polished, riveting, and hilarious; the perfect mix of both awe and laughter. He was even named one of 2014's Hottest Variety Acts. Put simply, it's really freaking cool.

One visit to his Youtube page and you'll see why! With over 2.4 MILLION FOLLOWERS, Alex's cartoons make him a hit online as well. They've been featured on Youtube, ebaumsworld, daily motion, and as well as translated into 3 languages. And he can bring that humor to your stage, LIVE! From the stage to the screen. Watch Anywhere. Laugh Everywhere.

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