George of the Juggle


George of the Juggle

Greg Kaler is from St. Cloud, Minnesoh-ta!, ya sure ya betcha don’t ya know! Greg is an entertainer for children and families.

He has 3 shows to offer:

“George of the Juggle”, magic and juggling with a twist!
George of the Juggle’s comedy magic and juggling is definitely for kids and families. George’s show is filled with entertaining magic using both every day objects and classic illusions. You’ll see magic with coins, cards, an illusion from the classic Walt Disney movie “Bambi”, plus people howl at his “Hypnotic Wheel” optical illusion- you have to see this one to believe it! You’ll also see juggling and circus arts types of demonstrations which the kids love, such as Jugglestix, the Diabolo, Plate Spinning, Boomerang Throwing, “Juggling With the Audience”, and “ People Juggling”. George of the Juggle’s show is interactive- every volunteer is a star! His goal is to make his audiences smile and laugh, to have a fun time.

“The Games Guy”, fun, non-competitive games from around the world,

and “Fitness is Fun!”, his 45 minute school assembly program, which combines health messages in between fun, interactive games from around the world.

All Greg’s shows are audience interactive. Every volunteer is a star! All they have to do is try their best, and have fun. Greg has performed for fairs, festivals, corporate events, schools, churches, resorts, libraries, and retirement villages. Always good, clean, family entertainment.

Greg has performed his school show in 47 states, plus, he was invited to perform for Chinese school children, in Beijing China, for 5 months! His China show was called “The 3 B’s: Be Kind, Be Healthy, and Be active!” He has literally entertained millions!

Greg’s passion, his purpose, is to bring joy, happiness, and laughter to his audiences.
He loves to inspire kids to have a healthy lifestyle, and to always try their best.

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