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Emily Jaenson

Be So Good, They Won't Forget You!

Emily Jaenson

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Areas of Expertise

  • Women's Events

  • Women in Business

  • Self-Motivation

  • Leadership

  • Confidence

  • Teamwork

  • Communication

  • Resilience

  • Goal-Setting

"Your presentation was masterful. I love the memorable phrases along with multiple actionable steps you can take to then implement something into life. Lots of love in the chat for your approach and thoughtfulness. My favorite part was all of it! I think the build and the stories create ripple effects throughout the presentation that reinforce key messages that my team surely is taking home with them."  -Kim, Capital One

Emily’s motto is “Be so good, they won’t forget you!”…and this motto has carried Emily through her career from an NBA team intern to non-profit fundraiser, to marketing consultant, to major events sales director, to the first female General Manager of a Triple-A Baseball Team in nearly 20 years, and a TEDx talk with over 2 million views in less than one year. Emily’s TEDx talk, Six Behaviors to Increase Your Confidence was the #2 talk in the WORLD out of the 927 talks released in August 2022.


Emily currently leads The Assist Group and their clients with the intention bring excellence every day so that she can shine the light for other women to pursue roles traditionally held by men. This is where her podcast, Leadership is Female, was born!

Keynote Topics:

  • Five Intentions to Reboot Your Motivation and Achieve Your Goals

  • Six Behaviors to Increase Your Confidence

  • Willpower and How to Utilize it to Achieve Your Goals

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