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Kim Becking

Ignite Unstoppable Momentum

Kim Becking
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Areas of Expertise

  • Area of Expertise

  • Managing Change

  • Women's Events

  • Teamwork & Communication

  • Resilience

  • Beating Burnout

  • Motivation

  • Leadership

“Kim is one of the best speakers we’ve ever had. She is the complete package and delivers every single time. Inspiring. Authentic. Engaging. Rave Reviews. She’s fantastic, so great to work with, and our members love her which is why we keep asking her back year after year.” -VP, Missouri REALTORS

 Kim Becking is an engaging, high-energy, fun and impactful motivational keynote speaker, change and leadership expert and award-winning author who helps others conquer change, boost resilience, accelerate success and achieve more in their business, life and relationships no matter what life throws at them.

Kim knows a thing or two about change and challenges through her own experiences in business and life.  As an attorney, member of multiple chambers of commerce, serial entrepreneur running two successful businesses for over two decades, communications strategist and “recovering” political consultant, Kim has conquered the ever-changing tough worlds of business, government, and politics.  She’s also conquered breast cancer.

Kim has boosted communication, consensus building, advocacy and legislative capabilities for Fortune 500 companies, associations, state and local governments and non-profit organizations, helping them accelerate their success.  Kim provides practical tools and strategies to effectively manage change and deal with difficult people, tough conversations, and hard issues.

Keynote Topics

  • Momentum Mindset

  • Master Your Disasters: How to Overcome Adversity and Boost Resilience

  • Resigning as General Manager of the Universe

  • Communicating Courageously

  • Lead From Where You Are

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