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Laura Ernst

Juggler, Acrobat & Aerialist

Laura Ernst
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If you’re looking for something new and exciting, you’ve found it. Laura is a juggler, acrobat and aerialist. With something for everyone, Laura has a variety of stunts that range from death defying to ridiculously funny. Her show gets rolling inside a human-sized hamster ball. Add that to the international award-winning juggling, astounding acrobatic stunts and high flying aerial fabric over 25 feet in the air and you’ve got a show beyond compare that will be remembered long after the event. You’ll get the same skills that not only won her a spot on America’s Got Talent, but also make her an international award winning juggler. In 2012 Laura became the only woman in the world to juggle flaming chainsaws, bringing new meaning to the words “hot ticket.” This is not your everyday one-size fits all show, this is an all-in-one show. Imagine a performer that literally bends over backwards to make your life easier. When you work with Laura you don’t have to worry about a thing. She’s got the sound equipment, lights, and the 25 foot portable aerial rig on hand. Laura becomes part of your team, dedicated to making your event shine.

>> Career Highlights

When Laura was little, her dad told her that if she picked a career that she truly loved then she would never have to work a day of her life. This probably wasn’t what he had in mind. It started innocently enough- learning to juggle for a middle school play in her small Iowa hometown. Her first performances were at street festivals in that hometown, wowing audiences with fire manipulation. Several years later, Laura has made a career out of her passion for entertaining. After joyfully juggling her way through college, Laura graduated and began her first job…behind a desk. This is where the journey really begins. After a couple of months, Laura realized that a “normal” job would never be fulfilling for her; she packed everything into her car and moved to the East Coast. After many trials and tribulations, she began to achieve the success she had worked so hard for. In 2008 Laura won 1st place at the World Juggling Federation, placing her among the best jugglers in the world. Then, on the 5th season of America’s Got Talent, Laura performed inside of her human-sized hamster ball- a prop so impressive it caused Howie Mandel to exclaim, “I love you! You are my soul mate.” Never settling for average, Laura has invented innovative props and brought new life to old favorites. In a career that is dominated by men, she has risen to the top. She has performed all over the world, and currently resides in Des Moines, Iowa with her wonderful husband Ryan.

>> Testimonials

“Laura was absolutely wonderful!! I would highly recommend her as well as seek her services in the future. Thank you for making the party the highlight of the week. We are still talking about it!!!!” -Tasha L., Columbia, MD “Laura went beyond our expectations and we were very pleased. If you are looking for fun and exciting entertainment for people of all ages, be sure to check her out!” -Danny and Joy C., Grinnell, IA “A big hit. One of the best acts we have ever hired.” -Michael M., Brookshire, TX “Laura is very professional and quick to respond to inquiries. Laura is not only very talented but provided excellent customer service and gave a show that all my guests loved and would not forget!!! She has gone out of her way to accommodate my needs. I would gladly refer her and use her again if need be.” -Aileen P. “We were extremely pleased with Laura. She was on time, very professional, pleasant and most of all…entertaining. I strongly recommend her for events.” -Mozda A.

>> Basic Set-Up Needs

In order to give you the best performance possible, Laura Ernst provides the following information as a technical rider to her contract: Stage – A stage area separated from the audience must be provided with at least ten feet in depth, and fifteen feet in width. If stage is more than 12 inches high, steps should be available. Audience seating should begin approximately 6 feet to 8 feet from the stage if seating is movable. There must be sufficient security to prevent unauthorized persons from obtaining access to the stage area. Sound – Laura will bring a PGX4 Shure headset microphone. Music is played from an iPod, which is connected with a Y-Adapter cable, or music can be put on a CD. If Laura is using your sound equipment a technician should be available to help set up the equipment. Setup/Strike – Parking area should be as close to the stage as possible. Load in must be done less than 100 feet from the performance area unless other arrangements are made. All required passes for Laura and her assistant, including parking and entry must be provided. At least 30 minutes are needed for set up/sound check in show area without audience. Strike time is 20 minutes. Aerial Fabric – If Aerial Fabric is hung at the venue: There will need to be at least one load-bearing beam, truss, dead-hung batten, or grid capable of bearing 1500 lbs. and located at least 15 feet above the stage floor, 25 feet preferred. Laura will need a way to access the rigging point, such as with a ladder or lift. The fabric must be able to be taken down no more than 4 hours after the performance. Other arrangements can be made if this is not possible. If Aerial Rig will be provided by Laura: The aerial rig is a 25 feet tall tripod that has a 20 feet diameter footprint. Approximately 30 feet of space and at least a 25 foot ceiling is needed for the rig set up. It is preferred to have the rig set up behind or on the side of the stage. Two stagehands will be needed to help set up and tear down the rig. The rig cannot be put up and torn down several times a day. The rig must be set up in such a way that patrons will not walk underneath, either with a fenced area around the rig or in an area that patrons are unable to easily access. The rig must be able to be torn down and reloaded no more than 4 hours after the performance. Other arrangements can be made if this is not possible. Aerial performance cannot take place in heavy rain, high winds, and when lightening has been sighted. This is subject to the performer’s discretion. If Aerial Fabric will not be performed, don’t worry about the aerial fabric requirements. Human-Sized Hamster Ball – The human-sized hamster ball cannot be performed in extreme heat. This is subject to the performer’s discretion. The stage area must be clean and have no sharp edges, tar, gum or objects that could puncture, stick to, or stain the hamster ball. An assistant must be available to help Laura into and out of the hamster ball. They must be present for the entire time inside the ball. An assistant can be provided with prior notice. This assistant must be given free access to the performing area and everywhere the performer is. Hospitality – A dressing room or private area for changing with easy access to bathrooms is necessary. Laura may record, photograph or videotape the performance, including audience members, without further permission or compensation, both for Laura’s personal files and for use in promotional materials. The client must have all requisite power and authority to host the Performance where it will be performed, and all licenses, permits and governmental approvals necessary therefor. The client shall be responsible for the payment of all fees, charges or costs associated with such licenses, permits and governmental approvals. If Laura arrives and finds any show arrangements will create an unsatisfactory or dangerous performance conditions, the client agrees the arrangements will need to be corrected before the programs starts. If it is determined the corrections cannot be made, Laura may change the show for the safety of the equipment and herself.

>> Sample Introduction

The following is a sample introduction you might use when introducing Laura Ernst to your audience: “If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like to see a combination of unbelievable coordination with never-before-seen stunts, look no further because this is the show you’ve been waiting for! She’s an internationally award-winning performer; you may have seen her on America’s Got Talent. Please welcome…Laura Ernst!”

>> Pricing Information

Pricing for each act varies depending on a number of factors including: location of the event; popularity of the date; routing for each act; type of event; single or multiple day performances; length of show, etc. To get a specific and accurate quote for your event please contact our office by completing the form below or calling (612) 361-6002. We respond very quickly to answer all our clients' questions.

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