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Math & Music Fusion

K-8 Edutainment

Math & Music Fusion
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Our mission is to provide K-8 students with a unique educational experience that combines the magic of music and the wonder of mathematics. With the talented musician and educator George Maurer as our guide, our program gives students a backstage pass to the world of math in music, fostering a deep understanding of addition, subtraction, fractions, and patterns, while igniting a passion for creativity through the power of modern instruments and equations.

Educator & Musician: GEORGE MAURER

Your students get a backstage pass to the musical side of math in this upbeat, hands-on program led by musician, composer and edutainer extraordinaire George Maurer.

George Maurer

Listening is at the core of George’s work as a musician, and his ability to not just listen but really hear has led George through a pretty amazing and diverse 35-year career. George has shared the stage with Grammy winners like Bruno Mars and Eric Clapton, his arrangements have been performed by the Boston Pops and the National Symphony, and he turns on that star power to show K-8 audiences that math really can rock.

Utilizing the magic of motion-based modern electronic instruments, George pulls back the curtain on the addition, subtraction, fractions

and patterns behind rhythm, pitch and scales and then lets students create their own sounds and patterns using elementary equations and interactive instruments for all age levels— including the mysterious,

mesmerizing theremin.

Minneapolis-based jazz pianist, producer and McKnight Fellowship composer George Maurer spent several years touring the U.S. as orchestral arranger for The Midtown Men, the original Tony-awarded leads of Broadway's Jersey Boys.

George’s current projects focus on multimedia storytelling and multidisciplinary

work with international artists.

George holds a B.A. in music composition from Saint John’s University, Collegeville, MN.

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