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Mind Games

Comedy Hypnosis with Jared Sherlock

Mind Games
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MIND GAMES is an interactive, comedy, stage hypnosis show where the minds of the volunteers are guided into a world of hilarious daydreams and challenges. Jared Sherlock – the show’s host and certified hypnotherapist – is quickly becoming one of the busiest entertainers in the U.S., performing over 100 events a year nationwide. Recently named the “Minneapolis Indie Performing Artist of the Year” and Campus Activities “Hot Acts” for 2013, Jared will work with you personally to customize the experience and ensure that your event is a huge success. See the show the internationally syndicated Bob and Tom Radio Show calls “Amazing…like being in Vegas!”

>> Career Highlights

Jared Sherlock is quickly becoming one of the busiest entertainers in the U.S. performing over 100 events a year nationwide. In addition to his stage hypnosis work, Jared is a classically trained illusionist, a juggler, and an emcee featured at theaters, corporate events, and fundraisers nationwide. He has also toured internationally in Shanghai, China, and Hong Kong. Jared Sherlock is a certified hypnotherapist and a member in good standing of the N.G.H. (National Guild of Hypnotists.) Notable Awards and Contests Include: Winner – Minneapolis Indie Performing Artist of the Year – 2014 Official Selection- “What’s Hot 2013” – Campus Activities Magazine – 2013 Winner – Entrepreneur of the Year – St. John’s Univ. – 2010 Winner – Top 20 Dorm Based Businesses – – 2008

>> Testimonials

“Jared was an amazing hypnotist! He had our entire staff laughing. His humor was funny, clean, and entertaining. We have since had rave reviews from all attendees. 5 STARS FOR JARED! He would come highly recommended from our entire staff.” –Centrol Crop Consulting, Inc.

“Amazing…Just like being in Vegas!”
–The Bob and Tom Show

“One of tomorrow’s business icons.”
–MSN Money

“Years of experience show in his warm and relaxed stage presence.”
–The Indianapolis Star

“Jared was awesome! He was not only fun to see on stage but a dream to work with too. We would love to have him back.”
–St. Catherine’s University

“Hilarious…Fun for the whole family!”
–NUVO Magazine

“Jared has tremendous talent and everyone should experience it.”
–Westin Hotels

“Jared’s performance was outstanding! We were still talking about it this morning!”
–Hormel Foods Corp.

“The show was great! We enjoyed the audience interaction!”
–J and J Holmes

“I am very impressed!”
– Founder

“Jared was absolutely fantastic and the students definitely enjoyed the show!”
–University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

"The audience loved the show. One of our biggest audiences to date."
–Bemidji State University

>> Basic Set-Up Needs

In order to give you the best performance possible, Mind Games provides the following information as technical rider to its contract.

An auditorium stage or an extremely STABLE riser (riser being as large as possible) to accommodate 20 chairs in a semicircle. RISER MUST BE FLUSH AGAINST A WALL FOR THE SAFETY OF THE PARTICIPANTS.
Purchaser shall also arrange audience seating so that the front row chairs begin approximately six feet from the stage unless show is performed in an auditorium or gymnasium.
An EXCELLENT sound system that provides outstanding sound on the STAGE AREA. THIS IS CRITICAL. Audience response drowns out most verbal communication between the hypnotist and the subjects. Please do not assume that the sound system is strong enough to overpower hundreds of people laughing. Volunteers must hear the hypnotist CLEARLY. Thus, SPEAKER MONITORS ON STAGE WHICH FACE THE VOLUNTEERS ARE A MUST. If your auditorium is not fitted for monitor hook-ups, please be inventive. Almost always, a portable system with large speakers placed BEHIND the volunteers (facing the audience) can out power in-house systems. They also double as EXCELLENT monitors.
TWO microphones are to be provided (a handheld cordless with a spare battery is great if available) making sure the cords are long enough, able to reach all chairs on stage easily. The second microphone will be used as a back up. However, the XLR or cable to the amplifier will be used as a second input for background music and special effects.
Good stage lighting is important. Most auditoriums have acceptable lighting but please ensure the lights are properly aimed (and not burned out) to flood approximately the first 20 feet of the stage area. If the show is located where built-in lighting is not available, any additional lighting to augment the stage area is STRONGLY suggested. This will increase response of volunteers and provide for a much better show. A darkened banquet hall for example with lights on tripods (easily rented) will create a much better "nightclub" atmosphere and make for a better show.

>> Sample Introduction

The following is a sample introduction you might use when introducing Mind Games to your audience:

“The host of tonight’s show – Jared Sherlock – is an award-winning entertainer and certified hypnotherapist who has been featured in The Wallstreet Journal Online, the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom radio show, and Campus Activities Magazine’s “Top Acts” for 2013! He is currently performing at over 100 events a year nationwide and abroad and was most recently named the Minneapolis INDIE Performing Artist of the Year. Tonight he will blend his perfected art of modern stage hypnosis with comedy and friendly audience interaction. Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m proud to introduce your show today — MIND GAMES.”

>> Pricing Information

Pricing for each act varies depending on a number of factors including: location of the event; popularity of the date; routing for each act; type of event; single or multiple day performances; length of show, etc. To get a specific and accurate quote for your event please contact our office by completing the form below or calling (612) 361-6002. We respond very quickly to answer all our clients' questions.

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