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Ryan Estis

The Future of Business is Human

Ryan Estis
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Ryan Estis has helped hundreds of clients, including some of the largest and most progressive companies in the world. He is a Professional Speaker and Business Performance Consultant helping companies, managers, leaders and sellers more effectively connect to their two most important audiences: employees and customers.

The Ryan Estis seminar experience blends interaction, energy and actionable content designed to elevate business outcomes. His message is a compelling crusade on corporate culture, communication, client acquisition, brand ambassadorship, change and preparing to thrive in the ultra competitive, hyper connected business environment we now know as the new normal.

Ryan's guiding principles include:

Passion: Improving communication, competency and culture to elevate employee and customer engagement and enhance business performance.

Purpose: Helping guide individual contributors, leaders and organizations on this journey.

Premise: Put people first...profits follow.

Promise: Delivering experiences that people never forget.

Speaking and Seminars

Ryan Estis approaches the platform prepared to impact the world of work and employee/customer evangelism with powerful ideas, case study examples, in session action planning and energy that makes the moment memorable enough to ensure meaningful outcomes.

Ryan blends storytelling from his own personal experiences as a Fortune 500 Chief Strategy Officer, Sales Leader, Brand Strategist and Agent of Change with current research to offer relevant content for today’s progressive HR/Leadership Conference, Corporate Event or Sales Training/Transformation initiative. Every session includes pre event discovery to accommodate for necessary and relevant customization.

Topics Include:

Passion Culture Keynote : Culture, Connections & Commitment: Building a Talent Advantage

Passion. Not necessarily the personal kind. But an exploratory journey of the passion that intersects with where we make a living. Passion at work.

Generation NeXt Keynote: Leading Through the Generational Divide

Today’s business leaders are now faced with balancing the needs, attitudes, opinions and work styles of 4 distinct generations. The identity issues and ideology conflicts are on the rise as the burgeoning millennial generation arrives in the workplace with an evolved set of expectations about employment and their opportunity to have an impact from day one.

Employment Branding 2.0 Keynote: Where Marketing Meets HR to Build a Talent Advantage and Winning Culture

Effective human capital management can be an organization’s most significant competitive advantage. Through this challenging economic climate employers have been forced to confront harsh realities around image, reputation management, cost containment, employee engagement, productivity, and in many instances source new critical skills to evolve the business. Meanwhile the pace of technology and innovation has dramatically alterted the way we connect, communicate and collaborate in the workplace. HR and Leadership practices are requiring more strategic communication and marketing acumen to achieve a true talent advantage.

Closing the Candidate Keynote

In the present innovation economy, where talent is increasingly becoming an organization’s most distinct competitive advantage, intense competition to both attract and retain, ‘disruptive’ A level talent will always be an essential element of the business plan.

Rock Star Selling Keynote: Sales Performance in the Knowledge Economy

Professional Selling has changed. A new era has emerged where more sophisticated and demanding buyers carefully guard their time and approach any purchasing decision with caution, scrutiny and rigor that simply didn’t exist a few years prior.

Earning attention, opportunity and partnership with today’s buyer requires advanced sales skill and a shift in strategy. Today’s seller has to be better than good. Or, RockStar good!

HR 2.0: How Talent, Technology and Transformation are Shaping Tomorrow's HR Organization

This workshop has been approved for 7 hours of HRCI Strategic recertification credits!

TALENT is an organization's most significant competitive advantage. Through this challenging economic climate employers have been forced to balance harsh realities around declining revenue and cost containment with employee engagement and productivity, while preparing the business to succeed and grow into the future.

Selling With a PULSE Keynote: Where process meets passion to drive sales performance

Great salespeople aren’t born but become this way through the disciplined mastery of skills. In a hyper competitive market where fear of change is prevalent, budgets are being scrutinized and eliminated, and competition is fighting to survive, sales excellence is the mandate.

Sales Training

PULSE Selling: Professional Selling in the Knowledge Economy

Sales Training is available as a 1/2 day event, full day workshop or two day Boot Camp. Our approach to training includes a discovery audit and the customization of content to ensure relevancy and results. Ongoing consultation realted to skill reinforcement, evaluation/assesement, virtual coaching and field support are available as part of a blended training/consulting package.

Recruiter Effectiveness Training

In the present innovation economy, where talent is increasingly becoming an organization’s most distinct competitive advantage, intense competition to both attract and retain, ‘disruptive’ A level talent will always be an essential element of the business plan.

>> Career Highlights

The former Chief Sales & Strategy Officer for the $50 million People Marketing division of McCann-Erickson World Group Advertising is a regular fixture on the HR and Leadership conference circuit as a keynote speaker and in-demand sales effectiveness trainer. Widely recognized as a leading expert in Employee Engagement, HR Communications and Sales Strategy, he serves as the USA Sr. Associate with Employer Brand International, an advisory member on the SmartBrief Workforce Council, is a certified Human Capital Strategist and professional member of the National Speakers Association. His work has been featured in Electronic Recruiting Exchange, Workforce Management Magazine, HR Professional Magazine, SHRM, Business News Network, Crain’s Business, Staffing Management Magazine, and the books Your Employer Brand, Employer of Choice and University Means Business.

Ryan’s 20 years of business experience include Enterprise Sales Leadership, Talent Management Consulting, Brand Strategy and Communications Design, making him a powerful resource for companies serious about corporate culture and client acquisition strategy.
His consultancy provides training, brand strategy and communications design that help companies connect more effectively to their two most important audiences: employees and customers.

>> Testimonials

"The Ryan Estis event is one of the best seminars I have been attended in years. Truly, tired of wasting time on seminars and workshops that don't provide nuggets. Your content on employee engagement and culture really triggered some "aha" moments for me. I had to leave about a half hour early and was literally writing down notes as I was walking out the door. At Shavlik we are trying to change the culture. This was the right seminar at exactly the right time. Looking forward to hearing you again! Great job TCHRA for bringing Ryan and his great take aways to the Twin Cities Community!”
-Vice President, Shavlik Technologies

"All morning, I've been receiving RAVE reviews about our sales conference, ... and especially about your presentation. ALL feedback has been positive. The comments have included informative, knowledgeable, dynamic, helpful, interesting, entertaining, etc. Individual members of my staff said they plan to immediately start using/implementing/adopting many of the best practices because they want to get ahead of the competition and become the most productive 'Rock Star.'
Again, on behalf of my corporation, I thank you so much for doing an OUTSTANDING job for us."
-VP, Sales, Louisiana Lottery Corporation

"We engaged Ryan to keynote our conference because we knew he would bring high energy and set the tone for a great conference; he far exceeded our expectations. I have been involved in our conference for 5 years and never had I heard such a buzz that lasted throughout the day and beyond. Not only as a conference organizer did I find Ryan’s energy empowering, but as an HR professional, I still find myself revisiting Ryan’s message and applying it to my daily work life. Thank you Ryan for delivering on your promise; you told me you would bring it, and you did. We would be happy to have you back again!”
-VP Programming Greater Madison Area SHRM Chapter

"I have leveraged Ryan Estis' high energy training seminars on several occasions. Ryan always received very high marks from my staff and leadership teams. A couple of topics that I can personally recommend to other talent acquisition teams include: Sales Skills for the Corporate Recruiter and Closing the Deal. Ryan's deep experience in Sales leadership and the HR communications industry makes him highly credible in front of this audience. His sessions are fun, highly interactive, and high impact. I am confident that Ryan's approach and experience could add even more value to a Sales organization trying to take their team to the next level. The tools and techniques he has provided to my teams over the years have been invaluable."
-VP Human Resources, Ceridian

"I have worked with Ryan for most of his professional career. I chose to hire Ryan at every company I have worked for. Ryan is one of the most knowledgeable and talented people I have had the opportunity to work with. His expertise in HR, Branding, and Human Capital Trends coupled with his ability to inspire and motivate can be nothing short of a raging success. Ryan is the next Marcus Buckingham!"

>> Basic Set-Up Needs

>> Sample Introduction

>> Pricing Information

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