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Tim Gabrielson.

Temporarily Interrupting Mindsets

Tim Gabrielson.
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When it comes to presenters, you usually get information or entertainment… but is it too idealistic to ask for both? I believe every gathering needs an inspiring and engaging speaker—a dynamic presenter who can educate and entertain.

As an entertainer and keynote speaker, Tim Gabrielson is his brand. No, seriously, the foundation of his talks is TIM: Temporarily Interrupting Mindsets. Equal parts easy to remember (it is his name, after all) and easy to incorporate into everyday routines, Tim Gabrielson teaches a simple system for self-transformation and positive perspective that starts with one thing — fun!

With researched methodology bookmarked by big laughs, Tim Gabrielson definitively proves you can break out of toxic mindsets — and presents each audience with the tools to do it!


The “key” to my keynote is the way I’ve embedded the message within the entertainment. The experience of laughing and feeling entertained, enlivened, and inspired is the cornerstone of my Temporarily Interrupting Mindsets (TIM) system.

Take a TIM Out

Everyone has had times when they get stuck in a mental rut or a negative cycle. TIM is an action-oriented approach to creating a pause. A pattern interrupt is strategically placed to allow for a critical reset.

First, Tim cleverly implants a number of thought-changing experiences under the cover of a laugh-a-minute magic performance. Then once the “show” is over, he reveals how your brain has been entertainingly manipulated. Once you see the hard evidence this kind of thing can work on you, he teaches you the techniques necessary to manipulate your own thoughts.

TIM is a focused upstream solution to prevent loss of connectivity, productivity, and creativity. A way to squeeze as much “good” out of each day as was there to be had.

Lemons to Laughs

For every person, there is a certain amount of “good” available each day. Through his fun and easy system, Tim helps rewrite a person’s internal script in a way that reframes daily events and helps attendees become the heroes of their own stories.

Focusing on the transformative power of comedy, Tim provides a useful plan of action for how to attack the day, find the good, and maybe even shine some much-needed sunlight into the lives of others.

>> Career Highlights

>> Testimonials

“Your presentation was nothing short of ‘excellent’. Our employees are still taking and laughing about it, and we feel it is one of the best we have ever seen!”
-C.F.M., US Department of Agriculture

“Thanks again for your wonderful performance, I have never seen a performer read and adjust to his audience so well…You get a full 6 out of 5 stars.”
-W.V., Cargill

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