Andrea Stern


Andrea Stern

Minneapolis-based musician Andrea Stern has been a professional performing artist for over two decades. Her experience performing with symphonies throughout the world, playing for the Minnesota Opera, and being an adjunct faculty member at Augsburg College and the University of St. Thomas, have allowed her the ability to engage audiences and students in their appreciation for the arts. Andrea has several programs that will enrich your audience's cultural understanding for the arts in many ways.

"Harpistry" is a solo performance by Andrea Stern that includes a variety of classical and cultural pieces utilizing both the concert and Celtic harps.

Jigs & Jives, Celtic Music and Dance
Explore the music, stories, limericks, and lore of Ireland. Gain insight into Irish traditions and its impact of music and dance on American culture. This program features wind instruments and harps and can also be combined with Irish dancers. Learn a simple jig step and how to identify different dance rhythms.

The Magic of Harp
Did you know that the harp is thought to be one of the world's oldest musical instruments and has 37 different ways to make sounds? An around-the-world tour takes students from Japan to Ireland to Latin America, as they experience the dazzling sounds and technical workings of Andrea's concert and Celtic harps. Andrea is dedicated to sharing her musical talent with young people using humor and warmth. Audience: Children and Families.

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