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Simple Truths

Gary Berg

Gary Berg is a successful business owner, coach, former college administrator, and a really regular guy. His main presentation is entitled “Simple Truths in the Workplace and in Life.” This presentation challenges all who participate to look at their own lives more closely and with more focus. It challenges audience members to consciously examine how they can be better at what they do on a daily basis at work and in life. Gary has presented this talk from coast to coast to diverse audiences with great success. Besides challenging people to think – he also makes sure all audiences laugh hard as well and do not forget how important it is to remember his last simple truth – It important to laugh often and laugh loud!

Gary also offers a second presentation, titled “Seeing Straight in a Cross-Eyed World.” This presentation is a very nice companion to his “Simple Truths” talk or can be a stand-alone new presentation for past clients who want to bring him back to present to their groups again. This talk focuses on how the use of our senses, when combined with our work and life experiences, play major factors in how we communicate and understand each other. This understanding can help us be more patient and accepting of other people’s ideas and viewpoints so we can collectively be more successful. For more information, please visit:

Gary’s presentations truly connect with people and help them help themselves in an informative and entertaining fashion that is real, honest, and to the point.

New In 2018 - Gary is offering a third presentation titled "Turning Your Talent Into a Full-Time Career" based on his new published book titled "Entertainers Who Work!

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