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George Maurer Group

For over 20 years, the acclaimed George Maurer Group has been consistently packing the Minneapolis' Dakota Jazz Club and Midwestern theatrical venues to capacity, mixing just the right proportions of refinement and fun, playing straight-ahead jazz with their trademark lighthearted flair. Their music adds a note of elegance - and a nice dash of energy - to any event, and their repertoire of swinging classics by legends like Duke Ellington, George Gershwin and Cole Porter packs the dance floor set after set.

The George Maurer Group's seat-of-the-pants musical style and witty between-song banter has been selling out fill the room with contagious enthusiasm. With an accessible playlist and timeless sound, the musicians can provide all-ages centerpiece entertainment for a dance - even a jitterbug party - or quietly fill the background for your high-end reception.

The George Maurer Group can adapt to any size room, starting with a three-piece band but able to expand to an eight-piece bigger band complete with a horn section. Add choreographed dancers for an all-out theatrical experience!

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