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Annual Entertainment Showcase

Find what’s new in event entertainment

G.L. Berg Entertainment has been a trusted entertainment partner to our clients for over 30 years. We know our clients seek to hire only the best in the entertainment business, whether they are looking for comedians, musicians, specialty acts, bands, magicians, speakers, dancers, singers, circus acrobats, or an act that is so unique it can’t even be described!

Our clients want to bring the latest and greatest entertainment to their audience...and we make that happen.

Each year we host our Entertainment Showcase to help our clients find more of what they are looking for. We started hosting a showcase event in 1994 and have since featured over 141 different acts for our 7,000+ clients and guests. Our clients come from all over the country, representing state and county fairs and festivals, theaters, corporations, associations, colleges, high schools, parks and recreation departments, libraries, event planners and more.

See below for the full list of the acts we’ve featured over the years. The acts that have showcased the most times are James Wedgwood and Tonic Sol-fa (5 times each), Sean Emery (4 times) and C. Willi Myles, Tim Gabrielson and George Maurer (3 times each).

We are looking ahead to our annual showcase coming up again on October 7th. This event is a time for our clients to discover a few of the new acts we’ve signed, but also a time to celebrate, relax, enjoy, and to be genuinely inspired. With a renewed appreciation for how entertainment brings us together, we look forward to seeing clients and friends, old and new, back for our 2021 showcase.

This year we will be showcasing 5 acts for our clients and guests to check out and enjoy! The showcase begins at 7:30pm and lasts approximately 1.5 hours. We promise a lot of fun for all attending, and hope to see you there.

A Legacy of Showcase Acts

1994 Tonic Sol-fa, Meg Emery, Marge Lundeen, Fyder & Everhart, John Ivan Palmer, Cats Deluxe, James Wedgwood

1995 Sean Emery, Warren Petryk, Ian Varella, George Maurer, Ole & Elmer, Jerry Frasier, Charlie Walhof

1996 Tim Gabrielson, Roger Radley, Robbie Brooks, James Wedgwood, Kenny Ahern, Dennis Morgan, Tonic Sol-fa

1997 Pop Wagner, Jill Spiegel, Four Shadow, Puke & Snot, Scott Novotny, The Zuchinis, Fantastic Convertibles

1998 Scott Jones, Four Shadow, Tactical Defense, Fyder & Everhart, In Capable Hands, Jeff Gerbino, Billy Dee & the Crystals

1999 George Maurer Band, Brainwaves, Glen Everhart, Larry Heagle, Sami Dare, Sandy Wolshin, Tuey, Kevin Lee Smith

2000 DeAnna, Tonic Sol-fa, David Malmberg, Sean Paul and Juli, Erik E, Jodie Marouska

2001 Paul Imholte, Glen Everhart, Scott Novotny, George Maurer w/Ann Michels, Dew Drop Jugglers, James Wedgwood, Maxine Jeffris, Four Shadow

2002 Tonic Sol-fa, Ivory Kings, Mary Rowles, Sean Emery, C. Willi Myles, James Wedgwood, American English

2003 Four Shadow, Alex Jackson, Tim Gabrielson, Bill Bauer, Xelias, Scott Novotny, Steve Russell

2004 Vicky Emerson, Maxine Jeffris, Nic Anthony, Teresa, Medicine Show, Alex Cole, Marcoux Corner, James Wedgwood

2005 Kenny Ahern, Tracey Ashley, Glen Everhart, Jerry Frasier, The Memories, Scott Novotny, Tonic Sol-fa

2006 GMG, John Bush, David Malmberg, Mary Rowles, Mary Mack, Stagebenders, Sean Paul, Michael Johnson

2007 Ring of Kerry, Roger Radley, Sean Emery, Marcoux Corner, Tim Gabrielson, Tim Cavanagh, Belladiva

2008 Slip Twister, Gordy Pratt, Vicky Emerson, C. Willi Myles, James Wedgwood Aerial Emery, Tuey

2009 Cirko Cabaret, Stephanie Heiberg, Kier, Dan Sperry, Half Steps, Kenny Ahern, Matt Fugate, Divas Through the Decades

2010 Crazy Keys, Steve Russell, Stevie Ray, Maxine Jeffris, Tyzen, Andrea Stern Mannequins in Motion, Wacky Waiters)

2011 Home Free, The Mentalists, Aaron Cross, Jason Schommer, Andrew Wallesch, Looney Lutherans, Salsabrosa, Wild Spirit Band

2012 Spirit of the Radio, Glen Everhart, Jared Sherlock, Project Dynamite, Miss Shannan Paul, Six Appeal

2013 Legacy, SongBlast, Laura Ernst, Laura Goodrich, Scott Novotny, Mary Mack, Keri Noble, Divas Through the Decades, Zany Waiters

2014 Belle Amour, John Cosgrove, Stevie Ray Improv, David Malmberg, Britton Pankratz, Roger Radley, Sound Exchange, T. Texas Terry

2015 Sean Emery, Tim Gabrielson, Tim Cavanagh, Tim Harmston, Holy Rocka Rollaz, Kordal Kombat, Hamman Sisters

2016 Cy Amundson, Eric E, John Bush, Sound Exchange, Todd Oliver, Country Roads, C. Willi Myles

2017 (Saint Cloud Showcase): Kris & Riverbend Dutchmen, Alex Clark, Curt Folkestad, Duelly Noted, Jared Sherlock, Tommy Ryman, Tonic Sol-fa. (Minneapolis Showcase): Kat Perkins, Mary Mack, Divas Through the Decades, Tommy Ryman, SongBlast

2018 Dan Partridge, Hit Ticket, Six Appeal, Shannan Paul, Tim Harmston

2019 Phil Thompson, Tommy Ryman, Fantastick Patrick, Due North, Noah Sonie, Miss Myra & the Moonshiners

2020 COVID no showcase

2021 North Star Circus Arts, B2wins, Mike Brody, Six Appeal, The String Showdown

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